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Denon 4520 or Yahmaha Rx-a3020...help me pick one.

Poll Results: Which AVR for HT

  • 66% (4)
    Denon 4250
  • 33% (2)
    Yamaha RX-A3020
6 Total Votes  
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I need help deciding on which receiver i should get to power my home theater room which is wired as an 11.2 setup with front presence and front wide speakers.

Denon 4520 has the ability with an external amp to power all 11 speakers with the speaker setup I wired for (FP+FW). It is not on sale though so cost is $1950.

Yamaha 3020 can do 11.2 but they do it with FP and RP speakers which I assume the RP cant be reassigned as front wides? I can get it for $1700 though so price is a plus and I can add the RP speakers if I cant make them front wide speakers.

What are your thoughts & advice? Is the front wide setup more noticeable than than the rear presence setup? My current Denon 4308ci is amazing but I need the dual independent output hdmi's which it cant do so I will use it for my other rooms.
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1 vote but anyone else willing to help ?
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11.2...??? Sounds like an acoustician's nightmare.

Most people struggle to get 7.1 to work properly in a room.

My guess is that's a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

In any case, my experience has been that Denon receivers are far better-designed and better sounding than anything Yamaha makes.

I would always recommend Harman-Kardon or Denon over Yamaha, Onkyo or Pioneer (if you care at all about sound quality).
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I voted for the 4520. Having experienced what it can do, I wouldn't consider buying an AVR without (at least) Audyssey MultEQ XT.

Front wide processing is only performed by Audyssey DSX, which Yamaha of course doesn't have.
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I do love my current Denon 4308. That Denon replaced a $500 Yamaha receiver that died during a nice jam session trying to push my Def Tech speakers which is why I am questioning the Yamaha now.
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If you don't mind going refurbished you can get the 4520 cheaper.

I don't know if I was paying that much for a receiver if I would want to chance it but that's up to you. You would have a 1 year warranty but not the 3 year that would come with a new one.
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The Denon 4520 has had some reviews which state it sounds below that of it rivals. To quote, " Rivals sound bigger" and " Could do with more Attack & Excitement". Interesting. The Yamaha RX-A3020 received a glowing review although it did have a little push in the treble dept.
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I just got the 3020 over the 4520 mostly due to seeing more threads with people having problems for the denon and what I thought would be a more reliable and longer life AVR. I think if you aren't an experienced salesman in a shop that auditions these things day after day, you probably will be very happy with the sound of either one in your home. I think mine sounds incredible running 6 polk towers, one center, and a 12" sub. Also, either auto cal will work great. Most rooms are more nornal than mine (20' x 20' with a 8' to 14' cieling, amongst other things) and the yamaha didn't have any problems offsetting decible's to the different speakers.smile.gif
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Got the yamaha 3020 over DENON 4520 to replace DENON 4311. Reliability and SQ is what tipped it for me. I prefer yamaha sound.
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