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AMD / CCC outputting only 60p

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I just connected the HTPC to a new HDTV and the TV indicates it is receiving a 1920x1080, 60p signal. The picture looks good but I had thought the HTPC would be outputting a 60i signal. I have an HD6450 video card & don't see anything in the CCC control panel that lets me change this. Maybe the 60p is the best but I'm surprised there is no way to change this. Am I missing something or is there a hidden setting?
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60p is better than 30i and 59p is even better. Open the CCC and go to Desktop Management - Desktop Properties. Change 60 to 59 and press Accept. CCC will continue to report 60Hz, but it is actually at 59 (well, 59.xx) - it is a bug they have not bothered to fix.
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There is no 60i.

If you wanted interlaced you need to choose 29 Hz or 30 Hz, interlaced.
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Why would 60i (if it existed), or any interlaced signal for that matter, be preferable to 60p or other progressive signal?
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I don't know why I mentioned 60i, I guess I was tired & didn't realize what I wrote. Sorry about that. But I did mean interlaced.

I didn't think about looking in the Desktop Management section since I was concerned about video.

The HTPC is primarily used as an OTA DVR & I figured if 1080i was being recorded then that's what would be passed along to the TV. I'm not preferring 60i or 30i, I was just surprised the HTPC was doing the de-interlacing instead of having the TV do it like it does with an OTA signal.
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You've got a HTPC connected and you're still using the TV's internal tuner to watch OTA?  Reason I ask is now that you've added tuners to your setup (for DVR functionality) you probably will never use the TV's again - just WMC, MP, or some front-end s/w as your baseline via HDMI to the display!  The technology is amazing today -- $20~30 for that HD6450 and it does all the deinterlacing, decoding and such to send full resolution 1920x1080p to your display!  Think about analog TV from 5 years ago - 330 lines of resolution, analog sound and crappy tuning -- now we have ATSC with full HD resolution (720p & 1080i), digital transmission, full AC3 5.1 Dolby Digital audio tracks and it's all for FREE with your old fashioned bow-tie antenna! 

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I am using HDMI from HTPC to HDTV.

My old HDTV was a 720p set and the HTPC sent out that signal & I never questioned it because the TV used "p". So it kind of threw me seeing the 1080 - 60p.

As a side note, I know from past experience that sometimes one component does a better job than others at processing a signal. I did not plan on experimenting but the thought had crossed my mind if the HD6450 does a better job deinterlacing than the HDTV's internal circuitry.
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