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3ohm Subwoofer???

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OK i know this is kid stuff compared to what you guys have in your systems but hear me out. Eventually i will have a better system but currently i spend most of my time/energy on my car system.

I have this HTiB


and would like to upgrade the subwoofer however the sub in this system is marked as 3ohm. Now in car audio i could use a 4ohm sub and it would just get less power, which in most cases is fine you just need to adjust the building of the enclosure. Is it the same premise in home audio? I certainly don't want to run lower ohm being its a cheap HTiB and I'm sure running anything below rated will throw it into protect mode.
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If using a new subwoofer driver that is 4 ohms, and assuming your previous one was 3, then your amplifier will power it just fine, but just put out a little less power as you know.
You'll want to build a new enclosure for the new driver.
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exactly what i was expecting. Thanks for the confirmation.
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Is the receiver applying power to the sub? Dont be surprised if there are high pass filters built in to protect the sub, which would make it very hard to get good results.
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