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JVC RS55 dim?

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I recently bought a refurb JVC RS55 (X70) as an upgrade for my current Epson 5020. Wanted the JCV for the Eshift feature as I notice a little screen door effect with the Epson although to be fair I see it more after reading about the pixel spacing of the Epson, before reading about it I cant say I really noticed it. Overall I was expecting an improvement over the Epson. I read several reviews and seems the JVC should be brighter in "best" mode than the Epson.

I have the Epson ceiling mounted roughly 11 feet back from a Jamestown 1.0 gain 120" 16:9 screen in bat cave room.
Epson on Cinema mode and calibrated with Lumigan mini auto cal via Calman and I1pro meter.
I put the JVC on stand same distance back as Epson with lens in center of screen for a test run.

I set the JVC up on user mode, 6500, 2.3 gamma and all else factory stock. Iris at mid point. (Lumigan mini out of the loop)

First impression was the JVC seemed very dim and washed out looking compared the the Epson. Actually very dim and washed out period. Both running at low lamp.
So I decided to check with Calman software and my I1pro meter.

In Calman there is a meter positioning routine where you set the meter for the highest light reading on a 100% white window.
Using this for comparison:
Epson low lamp = 12ft/L
Epson high lamp = 15

JVC low (Mid iris) = 7
JVC high (mid iris) = 11
Opening iris all the way got about an additional 1 to 1.5 Ft/L to the above readings.

I did a quick grey scale of the JVC and got 8500? color temp and very high delta E on the 60% and higher windows with very low reds and very high blue readings. The color temp check in Calman measuring the green color point showed a point way inside the ideal green point in triangle.

All I have read about the JVC is that it is pretty good out of the box with reasonable grey scale and color temp. Brightness should be better than the Epson in "best mode" but my readings got me thinking I got a dud?

I can return the JVC but hate to if I have something not set right?

I do like the smoother looking screen but the washed out look is pretty bad.

Looking for any advise on set up that may help improve this JVC or if you think I just got a bad unit.

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Did you take the lamp out to see if it is a 002 lamp or is a 003 lamp with the flapper? Your ftl reading is too low as on a 125" diagonal 2.35 screen 1.2 gain screen with my 003 lamp RS40 I get 10ftl on low lamp mid iris and 13 ftl high lamp mid iris with 450 hours on lamp.

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Thanks for reply. Yes as it happens first thing I did when I got the proj was check the lamp and it is indeed an 003 with the flapper.
I was happy to see this and the lamp timer said 1 hr so I assumed the lamp may have been replaced by JVC during the refurb.

I am thinking I got a bad proj or something just isnt right with settings or service menu?
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First off, you cannot take trusted fL readings with a calibration meter, it is a complete waste of time. I don't care how good you are at positioning, you won't get accurate readings, and when I say not accurate, I mean you can get 1/2 the reading or double, I mean REALLY inaccurate.

Buy this and take another comparison reading:

I'm not saying you might not have gotten lucky on your readings, but I'm just saying more than likely they are way off.

All this said, you noted the JVC looked dim to your eyes, which means something. Before you write it off completely, try the Gamma D preset, it sounds like your gamma is sorely messed up as well. You may have gotten a bad lamp.
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Also, reset the projector to factory defaults before sending it back, maybe they messed with the CMS or something.
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I agree. Try out the THX preset and see if it looks better or worse. Also, make sure you're sending the projector the correct RGB black levels. Sometimes if you're sending it incorrectly things will look washed out. I'm pretty there's an option to test/adjust for that. If I remember correctly it's under the HDMI submenu.
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