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projector or big flat screen

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Hi all

i am looking for some words of wisdom from anyone who an. My tv just died and i am thinking of a couple of different things. I was wonderindering wether i should buy a projector(used) or a 70 inch flat screen. I can find a projector and screen on craigs list for about 700 to $1000. My delema is that i live in a town home and would be using it in the living room. We sit back from the wall max 15 feet and have a window on the right. I would be mostly movies blue ray and regurlar and gaming. We watch some sports and netflix. Do people think i can do a projector? Or better staying with a tv?

I welcome any input

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It depends on what goal you are trying to achieve. I went from a 50" to a 60" plasma, trying to have a better, larger, viewing experience. After a few days with the new set I wanting to upgrade the size. I would say that if you have a chance stop by a local store, walk off your approximate seating distance and see what you think with the different screen sizes. I went to a local shop and sat infront of a 90" Sharp and at first thought it was huge untill I went into another room in the store and sat infront of a 110" projection screen showing the same movie. My next upgrade will be a projector and screen unless "they" make a reasonably priced 110" flat panel. Also, Im no expert but a 15' seating distance should put you in the 120" , or slightly larger, screen range.

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In most cases, especially on this site, bigger is better. Sometimes I kick myself for going with the flatscreen but I like watching TV with the lights on, windows open, and no limitations on what color I can paint my walls so that kind of eliminated projo for me.
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The window will be a problem in the daytime. And for casual tv watching a projector is a pain because you really want all the lights off. That being said a projector is awesome for movies and games! And there is quite a difference between 120" and 90" (the biggest non-crazy-priced LCD available that I am aware of).
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I have a 50" plasma for casual viewing and can drop down an 120" screen which I use mostly for movies. Due to room constraints the viewing distance is about 10' which is closer than recommended but my family likes it. In fact tonight is movie night, we will set down blankets and pillows then break out the popcorn, the kids look forward to it every week. The projector is an Epson 8350 and the TV is a Samsung plasma. I vote when you find the components at a good price you have a TV for casual viewing and can then turn it into a home theater with a projector for the good stuff.
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I have a projector in a room with a sliding glass door and two windows. I use blackout cell shades to control the light. They still let some light in.

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If you are at 70" with a flat screen, I say go projector. When you start going larger than 65", IMHO, you may as well go with a nice projector and DIY screen. I'm ecstatic to make the transition from 65" to 110". and with 15 ft of viewing distance, if I remember correctly I believe you can comfortably go up to 130" if you wanted.
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The jump you can make with the projector is significant. Yes you will have to deal with the fact that ambient light impacts your viewing, but the pluses are significant. If you have ambient light, go with a bright projector, like an Epson, and then enjoy the massive screen!
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