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Recommendations for a new display > 55 inch

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Hi everybody,

We are going to move in a couple of months and are looking for a new television, minimally 55 inch and maximally ~2500$.

Because of the very bright living room, I do not think Plasma is an option, although the Panasonic VT60 does look great smile.gif

My question would be which LCD currently offers the best display quality. Features such as Apps are not neccesary as we already have a VU+ settopbox for all that.

I would be grateful if anyone could throw me some ideas. I already looked at the F8000 but I have heard the viewing angles are not exactly good compared to the Plasma's, This is very important since in the living room not everybody can have the same good view on the television.

Kind regards,

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Originally Posted by tubetwister View Post

Here are a couple of starting places

Toshiba's are good in bright rooms good picture quality also I've owned/own both Sony and Toshiba both are good as well as Sharp

I have a 2012 RCA (Manufactured by Samsung ) 50" Plasma in a fairly bright room and it is fine the spec on it is 550cd/m2 that's bright . great picture

The 2013 Samsung plasma sets are supposed to be decently bright.
I'm sure the Panasonics are good also but FWIHR the Samsungs may be brighter.







If you can find a Sony XBR-55HX950 in your price range it's one of the best
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You should be able to find a great TV for that price. Here are my suggestions:

1. Samsung F8000 (great uniformity, fantastic design, accurate colors, great blacks for an LED and almost perfect 3D)

2. Sony W900 (edge lit, good uniformity, great color due to triluminous, and 7ms lag time)

3. Sony HX950 (great blacks, but you will have to deal with halos)
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I will wait and see how the F8000 does in the shootout. If its really as good as all the reviews seem to suggest it will be our first Samsung smile.gif
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