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Help finding TV for my grandma

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My grandma is in the market for a tv and she wants her budget to be around $300 - $500. She will be watching it during the day and night time, so I was thinking that either an LED-LCD or LED tv would probably be the best option for her. I know that Samsung is usually rated the best for LED tv's, but I would like to find her a great tv probably between a 32" and a 42" if that's do-able in her price range. Do you guys have any recommendations for a tv in that price range that has great picture quality?
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I will guess that your grandmother is not much of a videophile, eh? I would suggest looking into cheaper brands such as Westinghouse, RCA or TCL (or one of the other cheaper, non-name-brand names). This will allow for large sizes without busting the bank. For $500, your budget is pretty much in line with name-brand 42 inchers; LG, Vizio, Samsung, and Panasonic all make 40-42 inch tvs for under $500. Picture quality will most likely be similar for the most part.

You might be able to find a 50 inch plasma (only 720p, though) for under $400 if you are patient.

It all depends if you want name brand or not, and if size is more important to your grandmother (no pun intended).

Good luck!
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FYI LED tv's are all LCD. It's a way of lighting the LCD, the other way is with CCFLs. I think she'd likely be happy with most of them at that price point. I'd just look for the best sale and get one with an easy to use remote smile.gif.
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Thanks for the quick replys smile.gif

I would like to stick to well known name brands because it would give me more piece of mind for her. I am trying to stay away from Plasmas because the room she will be putting the tv in, is lit up with sun light during the day time. Don't get me wrong, I love plasmas, I have a 54" plasma that looks amazing at night, but hard to see during the day light.

If I can land a well known brand name 42" for $500 or lower I would be stoked. Where are the best places to buy them? Locally or online, and what stores/websites would you recommend?
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To know what is local to you would require a location wink.gif

Amazon can be a good way to go but personally I shopped at a Best Buy for variety of options and ease of return (for me that meant being able to put it in my truck and exchanging it which I did in going from a 60" LCD to a 59" plasma (both Samsungs). Amazon is a good way to go in my experience (lots of stuff, just no tvs but they seem to get good marks generally on how they set it up and make it fairly easy if you need to return it).
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You guys are the best! Thanks so much for your help and thanks a lot for the links! I think my grandma will be satisfied with any of those tv's!

Thanks again everyone! I greatly appreciate your help smile.gif
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