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I'm still stuck with an old analog SDTV and i think the time has come to upgrade smile.gif
I'm interested in a medium size (40"+) TV that should mostly be cheap (<=400€ would be top, <=600€ acceptable). A pure display (without streaming etc.) is preferred, because it will be hooked up to a HTPC anyways. 3D would be a slight bonus, but not really relevant. Additionally, i value passive 3D much more than active (shutter) 3D because of the price for the googles, but thats probably not an option. 2D picture quality has the highest concern.
Plasma would be a con, because of the energy requirements.

In short: I'm mostly interested in some tips concerning current price/quality winners in the low budget area.

Edit: Thinking of it, there would be a killer feature for me: Dual usage - Meaning displaying 2x2D images at once for simultaneous usage for two users with different content.
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