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Blacks melting together with Epson 9700 UB.

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Hey guys,
Had an Epson 9700 UB for awhile now, and I've done my best to properly calibrate it. Everything looks great, except when there is a dark scene the blacks have no definition. Everything is just...black. When I watch the same scene on any lcd or plasma, there is shadow detail that is not discernible in any way on the 9700 UB. Any advice on how to recover any of this detail? Or is this simply a reality of this projector?
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I think you mean 8700UB?

Unless you have someone ISF-calibrate it for you, the easiest thing to do is this:

Find a dark scene you are talking about, where you lose all shadow detail. Pause your player, then adjust the brightness/contrast settings until the shadow detail starts to get brought out. Notice what this is doing to absolute black levels.

Then find a brighter scene and see what your changes have made.

You can also try doing this if your projector allows you to adjust its gamma curve.

Your screen is going to come into play as well....is it a white wall? Is it a high-gain grey or white? Is it a silver screen? Etc, Etc. All can have an effect on the image since it is what is reflecting the light back at you.

For what its worth, The Epson UB's have always been the best "low cost" projectors that could do an admirable level of "black", where black wasn't just a dark grey......but they weren't ever the best in class for Shadow Detail reproduction. I think for MOST projector owners who don't have a PJ released in the past few years, the reality is that projectors look like giant plasmas....right up until the point where you have dark, dimly lit scenes...then you instinctively want to reach for the PJ remote and start jacking up the brightness because suddenly the image lacks punch/contrast...then suddenly things brighten up and we're happy again.
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Nope, it's the pro cinema 9700 UB.

I've tried messing with the brightness/contrast. Even with max brightness, there is no detail to the blacks. You can't see anything during dark scenes. I even tried max brightness in "Day" mode, which is significantly brighter, and still nada.
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You didn't mention your source components, which can be a factor. Did you check your RGB settings? Worth a shot. A short discussion. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1265815/rgb-full-range-limited-or-full
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Okay, figured it out. When the installers originally set up my projector, they twerked the settings on my integra receiver. As soon as I set it to pass-through, everything looks awesome.
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almost forgot: Thanks for the help!
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Just researched the same issue you seemed to have (Epson 9700UB struggling w/ dark scenes). I too have an Integra receiver (DTR 20.3). Saw your thread saying you "figured it out". What did you do to fix the issue. I'm very curious....

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He said he changed the settings to pass through.
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