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Official LG XXLN5700 / XXLN5750 Owners' Thread

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I'd like to start some dialogue for people who have purchased or are purchasing the LN57 series from LG.

I bought the 47LN5750 which is basically the core LN5700 but includes the magic remote. I am coming over to LED from the plasma world and this television is a pretty good one thus far.

Panel quality seems pretty good. There is very mild light leakage in one corner of my unit and some mild clouding but nothing that would be characterized as problematic.

One strange thing I noted is that in comparing two identical models of the 47LN5750 with exact same settings on both (television settings completely reset and compared to be the same and with automatic eco backlight dimming off), is that the colour temperature was different on the two panels. One had a very white white and the other had a reddish hue. I took the white white, but I suppose the reddish hued one can be corrected via calibration.

Sound from the built-in speakers is quite good from a casual viewer/listener standpoint. Setting aside audio fidelity, if it's just loudness that is a factor when considering the built-in versus external, the built-in do the trick.

But impressions aside, the reason I started this thread is to discuss calibration settings. And to learn what other people are doing with picture settings that relate to motion blur and de-judder.

I've spent very little time watching this television (and LED/LCD in general) as I've had plasmas for years. Having now watched this TV for maybe a couple of hours maximum, I have no complaint about the picture quality of this TV but being new to the motion blur/judder type stuff, I'm definitely noticing a different quality in on-screen movement and hoping that correctly working the picture settings will minimize this. (Or maybe LED viewers just get used to the different experience?)

Anyway. Looking forward to any questions, comments and calibration settings/ideas.
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This TV must of just came out. Cause I can only find couple threads that mention it. I'm looking at the 42" for upstairs tv room. Trying to find some damn info lol. replacing a 42' sony rear projection. bulb bad again and im not buying another for it.
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I have this TV. I turned off tru motion, the picture was really bad watching Hulu thru the apps compared to my Apple TV but that helped.
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After a couple of days with this television, I returned it because of the motion blur. Switched back to a plasma (TCP50S60).
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Does anyone know the native refresh of the screen? It is said in the US to have 120 TruMotion, which would equal to a 120 hz (100 hz) native refresh rate, however... the European version is said to have 200 MCI, which would come down to 50 hz (60 hz) according to this website? (http://www.rtings.com/info/what-is-the-refresh-rate)

So, what is the native refresh rate, 50 or 100 hz?
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Turns out it''s 50 (60) hz, but now I''m curious about one more thing:

Is anyone able to do an input lag test on this TV on the standard mode (with TruMotion on)? I''m hoping the lag is low enough to be able to game on it.
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Picked up the 55LN5700 last night. I fired up the PS3 and selected the Just Case 2 demo to test lag from a gaming standpoint. In the standard viewing modes I did notice slight lag between my controls and what appeared on the screen. When I switched the mode to GAME mode, the lag was no longer noticeable for me. I'll probably hook up the laptop to it later to see how the input lag looks.
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Thanks! Btw, does this tv add ''new'' frames through TruMotion causing the soap opera effect, or does it only add black frames to reduce blur?
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With the TruMotion settings, you have several different options to choose from. For example, TruMotion has about 4 pre-setup settings to choose from and then a USER DEFINED setting where you can select from 0 (off) to 10(highest). By default, all the picture settings I've played with have "Smooth" selected with puts it on level 3. In my opinion, 3 causes me to see the "soap opera effect" which I am not too fond of. Our dog actually started barking at the TV when we were testing with a movie and he though the person was in the room with us. When I turned the setting to 0, which is off, I felt as though it caused too much blur even with normal movement of people. I reduced the default setting from 3 down to 2 and I think that is the sweet spot for me. Doesn't look fake or like it was shot with a handheld camera, but there isn't very much blur when people are moving. Keep in mind I've had this for less than 24 hours so I'm still playing around with settings.

I'm not sure how to check on the "new" frames vs "black" frames but it seems from how you describe it that it would add "new" frames. I assume this might be wjhy the lag on the PS3 game is there when you don't have the "game" mode turned on. The TruMotion setting is set to OFF by default when you select Game mode.
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Thanks a lot for the answers, this helped me make the final decision on what tv to buy smile.gif
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Just bought this TV from Pauls TV via Amazon for $658. Seemed like a steal compared to what is available at that price point.

It is replacing a 2 year old Panasonic Plasma (had it's screen cracked by a toddler). So I am looking forward to see if I can notice any difference in the sets
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What size did you purchase?
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Sorry the 47 inch model
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I purchased a 50LN5700 today. I did a lot of research on this TV and read a bunch of reviews elsewhere that seemed overwhelmingly positive, but I am not having that experience. I was able to get the set for $830 after tax, which I thought was a great price. Unfortunately I'm not sure I can keep it.

Nice picture quality and design of unit overall but that's where the good parts end for me.

- Pretty bad clouding on LCD noticeable particularly on white backgrounds, esp in the middle of the panel...which sucks with the NHL playoffs on right now, and really sucks with the "LGCloud" functions. VERY noticeable.
- Some of the menu text and popup dialog boxes don't seem written in proper or plain english. It's very odd.
- This one I find particularly strange... When I initially fired up the TV and went through the setup, just after that I was able to see my Plex Media Server on the network as a source... I then ran the software update from LG and it no longer was seen. Through some googling I found that the 2013 models supposedly don't support Plex via SmartTV features now... Really odd because my wife and I both definitely saw the Plex share.

This was my first new TV purchase since my 42" Toshiba in 2007. I'm quite disappointed.

Is clouding usual on larger TVs?
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Hello, I recently bought 42LN5700 for 550$ and I am very pleased with the incredible picture and the TV functions in general. I Hook my smartphone to it and can play easily YouTube in 1080p use it as mouse/remote and its very easy compared to the standard remote control. I also use Plex MEdia Server to play movies from my PC, its super easy, fast and reads subtitles. Playing on my PS3 is also great in game mode.

Does anyone have any professional calibration settings or if you have played with tuning your TV by yourself because i am very bad at this?
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Hi guys, after extensive testing I've determined that changes to video (and I think audio) settings seemingly have no effect on integrated Smart TV apps. However, external sources can be adjusted totally fine. Was *this* close to returning the TV based on an incurable soap opera effect until I decided to hook up my bluray player and give it a try. Lo and behold, the picture quality looked amazing. Glad I held onto it, but not sure if this issue is common or unique to myself, or if LG is even aware of it. Has anybody else noticed this problem?
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Sleaky - try going through the picture wizard (forget the exact name, I'm not in front of the unit), that's a great place to start.
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I am trying to figure out how to turn on Closed Caption. What is the secret on the magic remote that will do this?
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Originally Posted by Tuckyguy View Post

I am trying to figure out how to turn on Closed Caption. What is the secret on the magic remote that will do this?

Closed Caption is only done by the TV if you're using the set's internal tuner. With any external source device (cable box, Blu Ray player, etc) the captioning is done by the box, not the tv.
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Professional Calibration settings Anyone? I just purchased this yesterday and am pleased as can be with the feature-set. I'm really picky when it comes to picture quality and I dont trust the companies that manufacture the Displays to give us the best that the sets can give. Already did picture wizard II but I'm still not satisfied.
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I have the 42 inch model ln5700
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I just picked up the 50LN5700 and out of the box it looked pretty good. I went through the "Picture Wizard" and it made it a bit better, but i'm sure with some more tweaks it will get even better. I don't have any calibration equipment, but will run it by the Disney WOW calibration as that has been more than enough for me.
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Can you please post calibration settings after that?
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What are the video formats that can be read by LN5700 models using its USB drive?

Thanks in advance.
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I got the 47" one early this month.SO far so good.I want to know the setup required to connect the blue tooth headphone to the built-in blue tooth of TV.Can anyone offer ?
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Heard from LG. Apparently you can't adjust picture settings (and I suspect audio settings) for built in apps such at Netflix and Hulu. Total bullsht. I bought this TV for its "smart TV" functions, but can't even use it for such because the default picture quality is so horrible. Guess I hope for a firmware update. mad.gif
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Originally Posted by johnnymaz View Post

Heard from LG. Apparently you can't adjust picture settings (and I suspect audio settings) for built in apps such at Netflix and Hulu. Total bullsht. I bought this TV for its "smart TV" functions, but can't even use it for such because the default picture quality is so horrible. Guess I hope for a firmware update. mad.gif

And that's why I can't use the MLB.tv app.

Games look awesome when I stream them through my Xbox 360, but horribly if I use the "smart" app. Worse than a video game.

Hope you're right and we have some firmware update soon.
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I know exactly what you mean about the "soap opera" effect and its driving me crazy. I primarily watch content from my ATT-Uverse DVR via HDMI. I have no idea what settings to adjust. I've tried and tried but movies and TV shows just look less realistic like they were filmed on a cheap set with cheap artificial lighting. It even looks as though the camera is less steady. Its bad enough to make my favorite shows less engrossing. I'm hoping its a matter of calibration, but I've yet to find any setting posted and I don't really know what I'm doing to figure it out myself.
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The "TruMotion" control is what adjusts the "soap opera" effect.
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Anyone know PS3 settings that made the picture pop on this display? Should I keep RGB colorspace to "Limited" or "Full"? Should I switch super white to ON? Deep color Output?
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