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Review of the Dynamic Mouting mount, yes another one.

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I wanted to share my experience with the TV mount I recently purchased from Dynamic Mounting. I had looked around at different mounts and was concerned about mounting a TV over the fireplace, that it would be up to high and would cause some strain when watching the TV from the couches in the room. So I was happy to find this mount that allowed you to lower the TV to more eye level. I contacted Dynamic Mounting with a few questions I have via email and they responded within a few hours and answered my question to my satisfaction.

I placed my order for the mount and it arrived within 3 days of purchase. The mount shipped in a cardboard box, which got a little beat up in transit. I was a bit concerned, but after opening it and inspecting the mount I only noticed a few small paint chips on mount. All the hardware and a ½ wrench are included to mount it. It was suggested in the instructions to plan the mount placement carefully and I did spend a fair amount of time measuring and planning where I wanted the mount to be placed. I ended up having to use a piece of plywood screwed to 3 studs to get the mount centered, but that was the home builders fault not the mount.

After all the planning I did putting the mount on the wall was a fairly easy task. I did need some help holding the mount in place while I screwed it into the wall. So keep in mind you may need some help when you attach it.
Placing the TV on the mount and attaching it was straight forward but again I needed some help getting it up there and screwed on.

Adjusting the mount took me a few hours to get it just the way we wanted it, I purchased the swivel mount so I had to make a few more adjustments to get it level. I contacted Dynamic Mounting a few times to ask them question on my adjustments and each time I got a response within an hour or so.

The swivel feature is nice and lets us view the TV from the kitchen and dining room. I mounted a 50” TV on it and have it set for a left handed swing out so we get quite a bit of swivel out of the mount and are able to see the TV very well from both rooms.
Overall I’m very happy with the purchase, I like the ability it gives me to bring the TV down to eye level to watch it and also to swivel it and see it from the other rooms. If there are any downsides to it I would have to say cost. It does cost quite a bit more than your average mount. But the advantages outweigh the cost for me.

If you’re not familiar with them check out them out http://www.DynamicMounting.com
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You guys are really amping up your online game, I'll give you that wink.gifbiggrin.gif

It does look like a slick product, though. I personally prefer my TV high, but for those who dislike this option, it would be a good fix.
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