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Hey guys, I've posted on here once before about this question but I didn't have a understanding on the subject at all. So my first question is my garage has 3 brick concrete walls, a tin roof laying over wooden pillars & an open door next to the last wall which is made of tin & has an old window. I was wondering if I went out and fully sound proofed this garage would there even be a point because all the weak spots with the tin? & also I don't understand everything I'll need. What are the use of some of the clips, like Whisper clips, also what are the rubber pads used to separate the second flooring? & it's abit of a discussion on what insulation does actually sound proof so that would be useful to know as well. Where should i start studing first? & how do i know if cut the right size studs? just by measuring? thankyou for your time smile.gif
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everything you need to know about soundproofing is in the library of articles at Soundproofingcompany.com

get yourself into a public library and spend some time reading books about residential home construction. You need to fix that dilapidated shed garage before investing on the inside sound proofing.

and read everything I said in your other thread again.
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Also read up on "room within a room" construction - might be a better option if you don't plan on changing out some of the outer shell elements you mentioned, like the tin roof.
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You First order of business is to build a basic four wall structure with a sound roof. You have 3 walls the rest is trash based on your previously posted video. Tear down the tin wall and build a solid wall with a hefty door, doesn't have to be brick.

Then tear off the flat tin roof and replace with a code compliant roof for your region. This might involve adding roof trusses adding pitch to the roof, then sheathing, roofing felt and shingles.
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