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play on streaming HD

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I have an HTPC with PLAY-ON Installed. The PC has Gigabit LAN and I have hardwire/LAN running from the router to all TVs. Still, when I stream HD rips (MKV of Blu Ray) the player on the TV shutters/skips. If I pause the pla-on media player for 30 minutes in the begining, then I can stream. I would prefer to find another solution so I on-demand for my library i.e. instant streaming.

My hard drive is external using USB 3.0 SS. That is not the bottleneck since I can watch HD perfectly on the LCD TV directly connected to the HTPC.

Any tips?
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Any help? Anyone, please.
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Two questions. Are you talking about Playon, as in Playon.tv?

What operating system/media software are you using on your computers.
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Why are you using Playon to transcode your videos? Seems like a bad idea to me.
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You need to give us more information.

What make and model of TV is it. Have you looked at the manual to see what file formats it excepts? Is it a DLNA device? Do you have a firewall in place? Anti virus software?
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Thanks for the reply.

I have tried two different tvs (samsung and sony) as well as my Sony blu ray bdp-590.

I am running this on internal network with only the out of the box firewall.

I am willing to use something else instead of playon. The windows media center streaming software does find all my files.
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I would abandon Playon for streaming hd videos, it's just not worth the headache and you're not going to get an hd feed no matter way you do.

I only use Playon for streaming Hulu (free version) to my ios devices and Netflix to Xbmc.

You may want to look into Tversity or another program which does a better job at transcoding files on the fly.
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Any sort of transcoding is bad for PQ and AQ, especially for HD viewing. Playon or anything like that to push video to a DLNA render will almost always need to transcode because most DLNA players have a very limited capability/format support when act as DLNA render. On the other hand, these same player can play a lot more formats when act as DLNA player and pull video from your server.
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When using my codec packages on Windows 8 systems, you can rightclick an MKV file in Explorer (or whatever filetype) and push it to a DLNA device which will use the LAV splitter/decoders for playback (direct playback without transcoding). My software also supports MKV playback via dlna on Windows 7 systems but you are forced to use Media Foundation for decoding on this OS.

The above has no effect when pulling from the DLNA device - the file must be pushed.
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Any recos on which software to so my tv can pull a decent stream from the pc?
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I downloaded tversity, but it does not stream mp4 or flv! What is the solution? I am sure someone knows since others likely have this issue.
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TVs are very limited in terms of the codecs, containers, and bitrates that they support. You need to dig through your TV's manual and figure out which combinations work.

Generally speaking, they want MP4 containers, with H264 video (under 20mbps), and AAC audio.

This is something I posted in a thread last year regarding the media playback abilities of TVs
The problem with the connected tv's is the same problem with a lot of the streamer boxes - seemingly random and artificial limitations as it relates to codec and container support . Out of Sharp, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and LG it was Samsung that seemed to support the largest number of different options.

MPEG2 worked in .mpg, .mpeg, and .ts containers (mkv noticeably absent) with a bitrate up to 30mbps along with AC3 - enough for digital cable. DTS however was only available in avi and mkv files. h264 was only supported up to 20 or 25mbps. VC1 worked in .ts. srt files actually work on a number of models as well. The only chance for getting surround audio out is thru ARC, and LPCM is likely the only option.

Plex is the only software I would use to try making your files play. It is definitely the most full featured transcoding solution. Before it I used Tversity as well. You are going to need a powerful CPU for that to work though.
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+1 on PLEX media server. Duo core at minimum, quad core recommended.
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I installed plex. How do improve the buffer to my tv and DVD players?
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