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Hey there, I've been having a strange problem with my Denon. Every time I seem to do something on my PC ( using my Samsung plasma as a display ) that results in a screen being loaded, for instance switching between programs, for some reason the Denon feels the need to go black for a second, and remind me that I'm using HDMI / DVI inputs. It's as if it doesn't receive a picture for a second, doesn't know what to do, then when the next program starts it shows the display in the upper left of my screen; as if I'm switching from Game to Blue ray, or what have you. Even in youtube, if I fast forward through a video, the screen turns black for a second and starts up again with the display being shown. If I leave it alone it's fine, it's just that it seems if for a split second no info is going to the denon it doesn't know what to do.
More annoying, to try to experiment I moved the HDMI cable from Media Player to Blue Ray, and for some reason the display was kind of blurry, as if I'd gone down to a much lower res screen. In fact every input other then Media Player results in a low res image being displayed on my Sammy, which makes no sense obviously considering you'd expect them all to have the same max resolution.
So 1. Is there something I can do to combat this constant AVR switching inputs ( not really switching but acting as if I had for a split second )
and 2. Why would Media Player be the only input I currently get a good crisp picture on? I tried looking through the manual but couldn't figure it out frown.gif

Thanks for your time!