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What To Sacrifice?

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Setting up a 5.1 in the great room. Dimensions are 14 x 21.2. I have already decided on the Denon 2313 and the PSB Image T6/C5. Going to wait for the Klipsch RW-D12 to go on sale again and get 2 of them. My budget for rear ceiling speakers is $300 (pair). In that budget, trying to figure what should I sacrifice and what can't I sacrifice? This set up will be used mostly for movies. Trying to get something that I will not have to upgrade for a number of years.


Angled woofer and/or tweeter?

Above 35hz or below?

Kevlar or not?

6" or 8"?

Less or more than 100 watts?

6 or 8 ohm?

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Any recommendations please?
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Technically your great room is much larger it's because there is no door to seal it off from the other areas so your speakers will "see" the rest of the space. Not a big deal for your fronts or surrounds but it is a big deal for your subs. If you want really good bass your going,to have to have a lot more sub than 2 12" subs. If killer bass isn't a big deal to you then you"ll be just fine with what you're getting.

As far as your surrounds go, 80 Hz is fine because it is the THX spec for crossing over to your sub. Cone marterial doesn't matter. The paper vs Kevlar vs polypropylene is all BS. A good speaker is a good speaker. What matters is how well it's designed, not the cone material. Angled woofer, doesn't matter, angled tweeter, yes. $300 I think is a bit over kill. Not a whole lot of sound comes out of the surrounds so they're not nearly as critical as your fronts. 100 watts power handling is more than enough and I would go with the same impedance as your fronts which I believe are 8 ohm.
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So in order to keep a consistent sound, it not necessary to go with the PSB ceiling speakers? I would love to append less on the ceiling speakers and (based on your recommendation) upgrade the subs.
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Some people think its necessary to keep the same brand all the way around but I've never thought it was a big deal. As long as its a decent ceiling speaker I think you should be fine.
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I think it is important to have the same brand and series all around if you are interested in multi-channel music (SACD).
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