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Have new Hopper/Joey, need to get URC MX-500 to work

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I really like my Hopper/Joey upgrade that DISH installed for me last week. I am trying to get two URC MX-500 IR Universal Remotes to work with both units. I have the Joey working with the MX-500 some, but the Hopper does not work at all. I have "IR" enabled in both menus on the DISH equipment. I now realize that both the OEM remotes from DISH are UF on the SAT portion of the remote. I have purchased a 21.0 remote off eBay in the hopes of having my MX-500 learn the codes from the 21.0 IR remote and then having it control the Hopper and Joey. Do you guess my plan is going to work? The remote I purchased has a green tag at the bottom labeled "1". Not sure what the Joey uses, but since I have two Joey's in adjoining rooms, I bet they are on different frequencies since they don't interfere with each other. What I am planning to do is pair the 21.0 remote to each receiver and then learn the codes from that remote. If any of you have done this, I would be interested to know if it worked and what you had to do to make it successful. Thanks for any replies!
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Hopper and Joey use exactly the same codes which are exactly the same codes Dish has used for years. There is no need to learn anything. No IR pairing is involved. All use address 1. If your Hopper IR isn't working, you have some other problem. My suspicion is your MX isn't using address 1 codes or you have some major IR interference from your TV.

What Dish DVR did you upgrade from? If it's anything made in the past several years, it will use the same codes as Hopper/Joey. You may have simply had your old DVR set to a different address.
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Sorry for the slow reply, but I never got any notification someone had posted back to the thread. Thanks for your help!
I upgraded from a 622Vip DVR to the Hopper. None of the codes work for it but a few of the codes work for another MX-500 I am using on the Joey. None of the DVR buttons can be cloned since the new remote is using UF. I have enabled IR support on both the Hopper and Joey units. The MX-500 worked fine with the 622 DVR and have made no changes to the remote or TV since the switch. The 21.0 remote I purchased is not able to be paired with the Hopper so I am not able to steal the codes off of it to be learned to the MX-500. Thanks again and hope you can shed some light on what my next solution would be!
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Hopper and Joey use IR remote address 1, period. There is no pairing, no stealing of codes, no uploading of codes from the Hopper/Joey, no nothing. That's not how the IR remotes work. So the codes from the 21.0 will work fine regardless of any futile pairing attempt, provided the remote is set to address 1 by installing the key in position 1. Pairing only comes into play with UHF remotes 32.0 and 40.0. Pairing isn't related to IR in any way whatsoever. I will reiterate that the Hopper/Joey codes are no different than your 622 address 1 codes. If your 622 happened to be set to a different address, then you will have problems. That's entirely possible, because I have no idea how your installer originally set up your 622.

As a test, set the 21.0 remote to address 1 and do not attempt any pairing. It should work all your Hoppers and Joeys provided they truly have IR enabled and you aren't getting any IR interference from your TV screen or strong ambient lighting. Until you get the Hopper/Joey to respond to your 21.0 remote, there's no point in going any further. Because that much should definitely work.

I'll be happy to post all the Hopper/Joey codes in pronto hex if that is any help to you.
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Okay, let me try the 21.0 once more with all of my Dish equipment. I guess that the eBay remote could possibly be bad also. Not sure how I would test it out without being able to at least turn or turn off a device. I understand what you are saying that no matter what equipment I am controlling. As a matter of fact, I had an old 3.0 remote which will control the Joey, all functions except for the DVR operation. It is missing some of the specialized buttons also. I will post back my findings.
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I just tried the 21.0 with all of my Dish equipment and the remote will not control anything, whereas the address 1 3.0 remote will control the boxes on/off, guide ect. I am pretty sure that I have purchased a bad 21.0 remote. What do you think? Thanks for your help. I think you know a lot more about this than I do!
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Are you sure the 21 is IR mode?
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Yes, I had overlooked that switch to begin with, but saw the switch and changed it to IR, but no difference in the results.
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Well if the switch is right and the key at the bottom has "1" facing you, and the batteries are good, then that remote must be faulty. I still think URC's built in Dish codes should work. Have you tried them? Will your MX take pronto hex?

Another thing that really puzzles me is the MX partially works with your Joey but not your Hopper. They use the same codes, so that's impossible. That tells me your Hopper may be faulty, assuming it really is set to IR, and nothing is interfering with the signal.
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I will need to see how to program the built-in codes to the URC remote, have never used that feature before, I just use the "Learn" function. So you are saying that the Hopper and Joey should use the same codes? Address 1? If so then your idea that the Hopper's IR sensor may not be working. I am sure that I have enabled the "IR" functionality on the Hopper. Let do some more troubleshooting and post back. Thanks!
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i tried the old "Address 1" 3.0 remote and it controls basic functions on the Hopper. My guess is the purchased one from eBay is defective. I tried all of the codes listed in my MX-500 URC manual for "Echostar" since they had nothing listed for "Dish" and none of the 10 or so pre-programmed codes worked. I have ordered another 20.0 remote from eBay and will see if I get a working remote. I think if I do then I can teach the IR codes to my MX-500. I cant think of anything else to troubleshoot until I get a working IR remote with the DVR functions. You have been most helpful.. I should have the new remote in a few days and will post back once more. More I use the Hopper/Joey system, the more I like it. Being able to access recorded programming from any tv is pretty sweet. Same thing with the ability to pause and rewind live tv is a great feature also. I have Ethernet connections to most all of the rooms in the house and just disconnected the coax completely from the Joeys and now you can move them from room to room using Ethernet if you wish.
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On the mx-500 remote the codes will always come from the SAT device keys original place on the remote, which is fourth down on the right side. No matter what the device is now.
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Tried the fourth key down on the remote, no luck there either. I will wait for the new remote to arrive and try to have the MX-500 learn from that one if it controls the equipment itself. Thanks!
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I don't know how cheap these Dish remotes that you are buying are, but you can also learn all Dish codes from the $8 RCA RCRP05BR which is pretty cheap online and at most electronics, department and drug stores.

I think the RCA is a worthwhile purchase anyway since it can be use to teach ANY command for ANY device since, even ones that don't exist on the OEM remotes, like discrete power and input codes.

In any case, you still have the fundamental problem that what works on the Joey doesn't work on your Hopper, but it should. Learning new codes isn't going to change that. So you have 2 problems to solve, essentially.
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Aren't there some 16 IR remote addresses available to Dish receivers? So one receiver is using address 1 and the other set to a different IR address?
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Originally Posted by Edmund View Post

Aren't there some 16 IR remote addresses available to Dish receivers? So one receiver is using address 1 and the other set to a different IR address?
Yes, 32 actually. But Hopper/Joey thows all of that out the window. They only respond to IR address 1. You can't change the IR address at all on Hopper/Joey. Many have complained, including me, but it doesn't look like Dish is going to change. They expect you to use UHF if you need multiple addresses.

So as it stands today. All Hopper/Joey boxes only work on IR address 1. UHF is another story. I think the theoretical limit is 255 addresses, but the actual limit is 8. If you have 2 Hoppers or Joeys in the same room and use only IR, you're out of luck.
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