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Originally Posted by JCBoomer View Post

Thanks. Have you tried it?



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Cinema Smooth will give a slight SOE effect but not to the level of some TVs. It's not broke if you notice a slight SOE effect on CS, but if it's adding artificial processing to a high extent than yeah something's up. Mine on the PN51F5500 works flawlessly as far as I can tell.
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Originally Posted by PetePablo View Post

We need some calibration suggestions for this baby. Share!! tongue.gif

I posted SuperLeos calibrated settings on here a couple weeks ago. They are great settings and really bring out the best pic on the F5500 in my opinion.
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So, unfortunately, I think I will be sending the 5500 back to Amazon. The buzzing that I mentioned as being inaudible at normal viewing distances has gotten significantly worse in the week or so since my first post. It's VERY noticeable at my viewing distance (approx 12 feet), and seems to get louder the longer the TV is continuously on. Also, the glare on this thing has become all I focus on when I'm watching in anything less than a perfectly dark room. I'm sad about this decision, because I was watching the Red Sox/Yankees game on ESPN last night in a dark room and I was so happy with the PQ, especially considering the price I paid for it. frown.gif But, the buzzing was still there, and it is very rare that I am able to watch TV in a dark room. I will be biting the bullet and paying the premium price for the 8500. I hope that the combination of the ultra-bright display and the better AR filter on the 8500 will solve my bright room issues. And I REALLY hope the 8500 doesn't have any buzzing! eek.gif
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I really like this TV. I have had the 60F5500 since December of 2013 and this TV gives the best bang for the buck. The F8500 and ZT60 cost 3 times as much as the F5500 and I really don't see any reason to spend the extra $2000 on the top tier models for a slight jump in PQ. The F5500's price to quality ratio can't be beat by any set right now. My only qualm with this TV is that the glare is terrible during the day but in a dark room this TV's PQ is stunning. The depth and color accuracy is what I like most about this tv.


I have tried all the picture settings that I can find on the web including the ones from this forum but I decided to come up with something that is quite easy on the eyes (less eye fatigue). The red on this tv can be too saturated especially noticeable on a white person's face and there's a tad of blue tint noticeable on a dark person's face. I tried my best to eliminate/decrease those tints. I really like the colors to be be as good as like looking outside my window kind of picture. Easy on the eyes. :cool:


My picture/calibration setting target: color accuracy, brightness (close to led/lcd brightness as possible), picture depth.

Try watching moving art movies: flowers,oceans,forests, on netflix with this picture settings.


For those looking for a picture setting that is very easy on the eyes you might want to give this a try. :)


My picture settings:


Standard picture mode
cell light 18
contrast 90
brightness 44
sharpness 14
color 41
tint 47/53
dynamic contrast off
black tone off
flesh tone 0
color spacing auto
white balance:

R-offset 19

G-offset 23

B-offset 22

R-gain 19

G-gain 23

B-gain 22
gamma 0
motion off
color tone -standard
HDMI black - level normal

everything else off.


I use this picture settings on everything - movies, cable tv and ps4 games.


Enjoy folks, thank you. :rolleyes: 

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Thanks for the post. Did you set white balance with a meter?

I'm with you. I think the set is a great bang for the buck.
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@JCBoomer I pretty much used the slides on wow disney all through out and fiddled with the white balance. I got quite obsessed with obliterating the excess red/blue tint on people's faces lol
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Good job being able to set it to something you like. I bet it took a while! I tried that, but decided I couldn't do it properly, and didn't have the time. I'm not that patient! I may take a stab again at a later date.
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It took me a couple of months to try everything on the web and a couple of weeks to work on my own picture settings (done in pitch dark room). I really like the results. Bright screen, pictures popping and the color accuracy. It makes me go Wow whenever I turn on my tv. I just can't hide my satisfaction. 😃
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Hi All,

I am new here and I really need some help from some smart people. My boyfriend would normally do all of this stuff for me but I am no longer with him, so trying to figure this all out on my own.

I have a Samsung PN 60F5500 and I am aiming to hook it up to my Pioneer VSX-1123-k with an HDMI cable. My Direct TV goes into the receiver via HDMI and a Blu-ray player will soon be added also.

The Direct TV box goes to HDMI 2 on the receiver and The receiver itself is connected to the TV via HDMI out 1 and goes into the HDMI 2 ARC input on the TV.

I eventually got the cables, TV, direct TV box, and Receiver to to sync up but when I turned everything off via one remote and then turned it on again, the receiver stays on The HDMI 2 Direct TV box source for a few seconds and then switches to TV. So I have to switch it back to satellite input on the receiver remote every time. Not only this, but then the sound reverts back to the TV speakers and I have to go into the TV menu and select "Receiver" every time.

This whole thing is driving me nuts and makes me want to pull my hair out but I don't want to be a bald girl!

I might just go back to using RCA cables, but really want the HDMI setup.

Please, please help.

Many thanks,

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