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New House Audio Question

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I am a software developer and very much not a hardware guy. I am building a new custom home and am planning on wiring the house for whole home audio. My goal is to be able to have background music playing throughout the house. Because it will be background music played at relatively low volume my thought is that I don't need to worry too terribly much on expensive equipment. So my question is,if I buy something like the PYLE PT8000CH can I have 8 independent mono inputs output to 8 individual zones? My plan is to set up a Linux box with multiple sound cards and write custom software to choose which sources to output to which zones.

My basic plan is to have the Linux box which routes inputs to outputs via custom software, have it connected to the amp with a static volume setting and then have an inline volume control in each room prior to the speakers. Does this sound like it would work?
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well, do not buy pyle. it will not last you. are you planning to have a main home theater, and then branching out to other rooms? if it is that you would like to do, you can buy a multi zone receiver. if you just want the back round music, idk what to tell you. i can honestly say you will NOT be happy listening to back round music. it will get annoying or you will want a real system

just my 2 cents. i would just get some nice speakers in one room, then use a pre out or zone 2 out to go to a multi channel amp to fill the rest of you house with music. of course, you would need a multi zone receiver and a mulit channel amp like the pyle. also, i would suggest bookshelf speakers not in wall or celling speakers

but, your plan will prob work
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Use sonos?

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I will have a home theater which I plan on putting a nice sound system and projector in, but this is basically a system for the rest of the house. My goal is to recreate the functionality of something like a NuVo Concerto on the cheap. I like those sonos systems, but at 3-5 hundred dollars per speaker it gets a little pricey. I have essentially 6 zones that I would like to control independently.

1. Kitchen & Breakfast Area
2. Family Room
3. Master Bedroom & Bathroom
4. Dining Room
5. Study
6. Laundry aroom

For a sonos system I would be looking at $1800 minimum.

Any particular reason to go with a bookshelf speaker instead of in ceiling speakers?
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they are just better because they are easy to install and you could move them around. in wall and celling you are stuck with where you put them. plus, you could probably get better sound out of them for cheaper.
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