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MX3000 Editor Software

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Just bought an mx-3000 off ebay like most people and i have the skills to program the remote but cant get my hands on the software. Can anyone help me get the software?
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If you’re an end-user looking to buy a URC remote control so that you can program it yourself, please note the following important information:
URC’s computer programmable remote controls DO NOT include programming software in the box.

URC dealers ARE allowed to provide consumers/end users with the programming software for Complete Control products, but not for Total Control products.

Dealers are NOT obligated to provide you with this software, and may require you to pay for professional programming. So check on a dealer's individual policy before you buy.

URC will NOT provide you with the software for a remote you just bought online, and additionally, will not support the hardware warranty on products purchased from non-authorized dealers.

If you buy from an authorized dealer and they do give you the software, URC still does not offer programming support to consumers/end users. If you require after-sales assistance, you will need to contact your original dealer, or post in the forums here on Remote Central.

A a final note, if you’ve recently purchased a URC remote and find yourself without software, please do not ask someone on this site to give it to you. This is against URC’s policies. If your dealer will not give you the software and did not inform you at the time of purchase that professional programming was required, then they should not have sold you the remote in the first place. Return it and buy from someone else.

via Remote Central (Daniel Tonks)
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Wow someone needs to learn the laws before they spout horribly wrong information to people. I am in the tech manufacturing biz, by law if it's printed on the retail box (anywhere) it has to be included. There are hefty government fines if that's not the case. The manufacture can choose to make boxes without the wording/ software or black-label the information and sell it as a black-label (usually at a discount). Plain and simple if the new box that you buy it in says it, then it HAS to be in the box.
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No wrong information was provided. Seemingly you've assumed that the OP bought a new remote in a unopened package, and that the package labeling said software is included. URC doesn't list the software as being included, and it's a good guess that the remote in question is used anyway.
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Originally Posted by 3FingeredGlove View Post

No wrong information was provided. Seemingly you've assumed that the OP bought a new remote in a unopened package, and that the package labeling said software is included. URC doesn't list the software as being included, and it's a good guess that the remote in question is used anyway.

He bought the remote from eBay. eBay isn't an authorized distribution channel for selling these remotes. The OP should have tried to return the remote to the seller, even though the seller probably never stated that it included the programming software. I'd mark it as a lesson learned.
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My guess is that someone has already sent the software to the OP. Lots of people, including some who have obtained a copy of the software legitimately, think URC's policy is "wrong", and feel little compunction about sharing it with others.

Note to all: I don't have any remotes made by URC, nor do I have any of their software. But I do read internet forums related to remote controls.
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The mx-3000 remote was the last URC remote that came with software included in the remote box. But since its used, what it says on the box is meaningless to subsequent owners of the used remote.
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I understand the posters blight well !! I bought a Mx 3000 and a MX900 from the local Tweeter when they went under and didn't know they didn't contain the software to program them. I originally tossed them in the { I'll come back to that pile } because I ended up with a few Harmony based remotes at a good deal at the time but now am riveting these as I feel the URC is much more robust. The way some people on here treat the software is like its a national secret!!! I understand URC is trying to help their dealers [ AND cut down on aggravation from consumers trying to program their remotes ;-} ]but some of their dealers Are kinda steep on the IL programing fees ,[ quoted my neighbor 600 to program two remotes and a base unit ] I've put in Projector,screen ,setup their AVR and programed their remote for that !!!!!
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Contact URC.
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I have a programmed MX-3000 and MSC-400. Does the job pretty well. But, now I've upgraded to the new Pace PX001ANM (Comcast X1) box and the IR emitters on the MSC-400 are on the wrong IR frequency to speak with the Pace IR sensor. Does anyone know whether Universal still supports the MSC-400 with new IR product?
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Where did you hear that the IR for that box works on a different frequency? I do know that very old Pace boxes used IRDA variant but that was a while ago Have you tried making adjustments on the MSC's IR output and see if that helps. Also did you try and use the MX-3000 in IR mode to see if it will control the box (Either by learning or from the database). If it does then it has nothing to do with the IR frequency. I have done several installs with URC gear over the years and it would be a huge deal if comcast suddenly changed their IR frequency and could not be used with an aftermarket remote system. All the searches I have done over the last 1/2 hour have not come up with any results that they have changed frequency on their new boxes. I only use CCP now and am fortunate to use Directv as my provider who's equipment is some of easiest to work with.
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I'm not 100% certain about the X1, but other recent Pace boxes use XMP protocol which is 38kHz like most things, but it is hard to learn, so maybe bad learns are the issue.
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Sorry to necro-post, but I'm hoping someone here helped out the guy with the OP and would be willing to also help me out.  I'm also stuck with a paperweight right now because my old reseller went under a long time ago and I'm looking to brush the dust off of this remote and get it up and running again.  I have no clue what I did with my old software install (thought I backed it up... but can't seem to find it) and it probably is way outdated anyway.


Anyone willing to throw me a bone for a heartfelt thank you?

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I too have the exact same issue, except I bought mine new and had a copy downloaded of the software when they still allowed it. I just had a terrible conversation with the manager of the customer service department. They would not make any exceptions even though I had downloaded the software previously. I unfortunately had to replace my computer and lost the download. Does anyone have a copy you can send?
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