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LG Smart Series MCI & trueMotion

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Good day m8s smile.gif

I have a question regarding the difference between MCI "Motion Clarity Index" and True Motion.

now as an example, the LG 55LM8600 , when you plan to buy it from EU , you will find MCI=800 , but if you decide to buy it from the US, then you will see True motion =240

is it according to the different standards between the European/American market?

Best Regards
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TruMotion is LGs name for their motion interpolation algorithm. 240Hz is the panel rate (based on 60Hz <60x4>). Maybe the 800Hz is the same thing only based on European voltage or frame rate?
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MCI is a scam...
800hz do not exist and is just a multiplication of "true hz" with led blinking. The same stands for bls,cmr and other names (different by brand).

The 240hz is the TRUE US panel refresh rate, 240 hz, which is 60hz * 4 (which means the algorithm inserts 3 made frames between 2).
That 240hz is 200hz at EU (because the tv system there is 50hz instead of 60 in US) so 50*4= 200!
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MCI and TruMotion are two separate things...


Trumotion was name LG gave to the Motion Compensation and Motion Interpolation (MCMI) algorithms that would insert frames in an attempt to smooth out fast motion. Some LG TV's will place the Hz rate before the term Trumotion (example...240Hz TruMotion). the Hz number is intended represent the refresh rate i.e. Frames per second. and usually with LG the marketed Hz for a TV is not the native refresh rate of the LCD panel. with the implementation of Back Light Scanning (blinking the LED lights on and off between frames) they could clam a refresh rate higher than that of the native LCD panel. For example a 60Hz panel with back light scanning (BLS) could up the refresh rate to 120Hz. a 120Hz panel with BLS could up it to 240Hz. some TV's had a 'TruMotion' setting and some did not. with the setting off (or TV's that did not have the trumotion setting) the TV would always produce the marketed Hz but would no employ motion interpolation. when the 'Trumotion' setting was on it would still produce the marketed Hz but would then employ motion interpolation.


MCI - Motion Clarity Index - is a measurement of the resolution of a moving image. essentially how clear/sharp the image is when motion is present......if i am not mistaken.

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