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LPCM 24 bit/48khz question.

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Hi guys,

Ok so some people said that I was not able to get full uncompressed audio without doing a whole bunch of ****, since my laptop is not capable of bit streaming.

Well, apparently I can get it?? I mean I don't know.

I'm using an hdmi connection to my receiver and using powerdvd ultrta 13, now when I used totalmedia theater 5, the most I would get was 16bit audio pcm, but when I use powerdvd,

it says on the information tab, that it's outputing 24bit/48 khz audio and the pmc logo lights up on my receiver.

This is what it says in power dvd:

So, am I getting true uncompressed hd audio?

When I look at the info from my receiver remote, it says input PCM 2 channel 48khz, output 5.1 channel stereo? <
Bit confused about that stereo 5.1 channel stereo line.
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what gpu is on this laptop?
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It's a nvidia 320m gt.
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You should be able to internally decode the lossless audio to multichannel PCM and output that to the receiver (this is the first thing the receiver would be doing with a bitstream anyways). Make sure the Sound Control Panel in Windows is set to 5.1 (or 7.1) for the HDMI device.

Bit confused about that stereo 5.1 channel stereo line.

Without knowing exactly how everything is set up, my guess is that the HDMI output is currently set to stereo. So PDVD is decoding the 5.1 DTS-HD MA track, downmixing that to stereo, outputting a 48k/24bit stereo stream to your AVR over HDMI, and then the AVR is taking that and synthesizing a 5.1 mix from it. Again, just a guess based on what you've said and what it looks like is happening in the pictures.
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Originally Posted by Alex Rad View Post

So, am I getting true uncompressed hd audio?

Perhaps no. Every commercial BD software player must downsample HD audio to 48/16 without a PAP-equipped audio device (e.g. GeForce 320M is non-PAP). That's an AACS requirement:
A Licensed Player shall not pass, or direct to be passed Decrypted AACS Content to a digital output except:
1.4.1 A digital output of audio, or of the audio portion of other forms of Decrypted AACS Content, in compressed audio format (such as AC3) or in Linear PCM format in which the transmitted information is sampled at no more than 48 kHz and no more than 16 bits.
1.4.2 An output delineated in Table D1, AACS Authorized Digital Outputs, in accordance with any associated restrictions and obligations specified
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Gah! I forgot about all the PAP crap and other artificial limits.
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Yeah, something is definitly not right with the 5.1 channel stereo, it actually sounds worse.

For instance, if I play a movie that has dts audio and the dts icon lights up on my receiver, it actually sounds better, and my receiver says its outputing 5.1 dts, but when pmc is shown, it says it's outputing 5.1 channel stereo, which sounds worse, basiclly like your listnening to a can, dts 5.1 sounds way better, so it seems i am not getting the ful pmc audio, but some cheap ass 5.1 stereo which sounds like crap.

But I guess since people say there isn't much of a difference between say a full dts hd ma track and a 1.5mb dts core track, I'll just let this go, I'm tired of trying to figure this out.
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go to control panel, sound, right click on nvidia hdmi and configure speakers. set it to 5.1.
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