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Beta Testers Needed - WMC add-in and TV service

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Hey AVS-ers,
We're looking for some beta testers for a new TV service based around Windows Media Center. The concept of the service is that you build your own TV channels based on content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime, and our WMC add-in puts it into a guide for simpler TV watching. If you're interested, take a look at the requirements below and try it out at http://www.myownchannels.com.

1. Active subscription to either Netflix (streaming), Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime.
2. A directly connected Windows Media Center PC (extenders aren't supported, at least for now).

Once this goes live, it will be a paid subscription service with a limited free version, but beta testers who actively participate and provide feedback will get an extended free trial if they choose to subscribe.
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Sounds interesting. I'd qualify to test and be happy to check it out.
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Just my two cents...


You might get a better response with a more descriptive thread title.  With "Beta Testers Needed", it's hard to tell if its a hardware product, software, or an online service that needs beta testing.

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Good point...made an edit to the thread title.
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Looks interesting. I'll give it a try. I've been looking to replace Zinc TV for a while now.

In the My Subscriptions website Hulu is missing it's logo.

Video does not appear full screen so you have to click the full screen button. This is a big problem for those using remotes or keyboards with no mouse functions. Another problem is that once you do go fullscreen, the only way to go back to the Guide is by getting out of full screen then clicking the back button. You also have to click the back button twice. If not, the video either starts again or you get a black screen.

Some links are wrong. Tried playing "Beverly Hills 90210" and it started playing "Frasier" instead. (didn't have this issue with the channels I created)

Same issues as above but video displays very small in the top left hand corner.
Playback is very strange. I chose Oldies> I Love Lucy> Video was playing in the corner then suddenly stopped and I got a black screen. I went back and chose "The Dick Van Dyke show". It started playing I Love Lucy again. After the intro it went straight to a commercial and stared playing "The Donna Reed Show".

Are you familiar with SecondRun TV? Awesome program that is no longer supported.
I loved the ability to choose which days you wanted episodes to play. You could for example have
a Saturday Morning Cartoons Channel that would only show up on Saturdays. This was cool
since you could have a bunch of shows that don't have that many episodes.

One thing I never like about SecondRun and this program is the way the guide/content is updated. I would rather have it update as soon as I launch the program or WMC. This way it's always up to date instead of having the same guide with the same shows all day long. I don't know if it's possible but I would rather see you take the PseudoTV approach. Where the guide updates in real time.

Any plans to add support to RSS Feeds? This way we could add additional content like Revision 3 among others.

Yahoo Pipes Support: This one is tied to the one above. Using Yahoo PIpes you can filter out feeds to show only the content you want. For example you can make an RSS Feed for CNET's Youtube channel and filter it to only show video for CNET UPDATE.

GUI: Well not much to say here. I'm pretty sure you're leaving that till the end???
Something that looks like WMC's guide would be perfect. Except 10' friendly.

I have many more suggestions if you're still interested.
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Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the issues with it launching the wrong episode. As far as things going into full screen, it should be doing that. Some of it may be timing issues with the video loading before the command to send it to full screen. I'll dig a little more and see what can be done to make that work better.
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Might the full screen issue have anything to do with resolution? I'm currently run WMC at 1920x1080,
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It shouldn't be dependent on screen resolution specifically, but I can't rule that out as I haven't tested it on a large number of different HTPC's. I think after feedback from several people, it is going to need a more reliable method to get to full screen mode. If you want to set up a time to troubleshoot this so you can use it in the interim, let me know.
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No worries. Whenever you have a new version ready for me to test let me know.
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