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Infomation Overload

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As I've aged and technology has progressed, I've become more and more clueless on electronics.

So, we have an approx 6 year old 32" Sony Bravia tv (32" is largest size that will fit in my wife's "cabinet") in our small living room area. Tv only has 1 HDMI imput, so we use a splitter between blue ray player and PS3. We are not enthusiats, but use tv for watching sports, movies, tv shows and kids' PS3 gaming.

Thinking about upgrading the quality of sound and like the ease of a soundbar.

I am by no means an audiophile, but have 2 Bose Acoustimass systems in other parts of the house ( 1 system is 20+ years old), and have always enjoyed the sound of Bose products. I have read enough reviews to know that many people dislike Bose and believe they do not make quality products, in addition to being overpriced.

We listened to the Bose Cinemate 1 SR at store yesterday and both my wife and I were very impressed. I know the in store experience is not the same as the in home sound, but compared to everything else we heard (most other products were in $300-$500 range), the sound quality seemed better.

I love the sound, but $1,500 is a lot of $ and is more than the tv is worth at this point. Also, I've read the 1 SR does not have any hdmi connections, and also lacks bluetooth.

Any thoughts, suggestions or direction you can offer are appreciated.
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I have 2 soundbars in use out side of our HT. Vizio's with subs. Work great

If I were looking for an education on home electronics, you are in a great place to get one.
PLUS there are some other sites that offer a lot like highdefforum.com and if you need help with satellite look over to dbstalk.com/page/index.html for help with the DirecTV and Dish network.

There are 2 venders and advertiser on this site with links at the bottom of page that have good info on there sites to learn from
Monoprice and Blue Jeans
all you got to do is spent some time reading and ask questions.

You got KIDS that play with gaming, you are not that old but just ask them, ever time I get crossed up on a smart phone I just had it to a twelve year old:cool:
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