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Yamaha HTR 7065 HDMI issues

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I have the above receiver and things were going fine for about a year. No changes have been made during that same time. Now the Bluray, which is plugged into the receiver in the HDMI input #1, flickers intermittently on the television screen. I also noticed that the HDMI Output display on the reciever also flickers as well. The Dish box (HDMI input #2) and the AppleTV (HDMI input #3) work fine. I have changed out the Bluray player and its still has the same problem. When I bypass the reciever and connect the Bluray to the HDMI cable going to the television it worrks fine. I have also changed the Bluray HDMI cable and tried the Bluray in other input connectors besides #1 on the HTR unit to the same end. I have also changed the HDMI Output from #1 to #2 to no avail. So I am wondering if there is signal loss when the Bluray goes through the reciever switch?? All the Bluray settings have been set at 1080i.

The HDMI cable run from my reciever to the television is 65 feet, but again the trouble (based on the flickering display of the HTR HDMI output indicator seems to be what signal (or lack thereof) is coming out of the HTR.

Yamaha help says I need to boost the Bluray signal. I find that hard to swallow after viewing discs with no trouble for a year and when hooked directly to the 65 foot HDMI cable going to the TV, there is no problem.

Can anyone help other than option of returning the HTR-7065?
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Move the receiver close to the TV and try a shorter cable. This will let you know for sure if its the receiver or the 65ft HDMI cable. Everything I've read says 35' max without some amplification and you are almost double that.
If it works on the shorter cable look at monoprice for one of their RedMere HDMI cables or something similar .
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