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Archive and stream HD-DVDs

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Hey all,

I have a bunch of HD-DVDs and want to archive them onto a server here for playback in my theater. What is the best way to go about this? I have a computer I can use just for this, but am not sure where to start, in terms of software, and process for actually getting the files stored and then streamed into the theater.

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Here is a thread and there are some software suggestions there.

Once you rip them to mp4 or mkv, then you just store them on your server. You will need a media streamer like WDTV live to stream them to your theater. Run a wired network connection if possible.
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Assuming you want them lossless (same media thats on the disc) follow the manual section in this guide, worked perfectly for me. MakeMKV does not work 100% with HD-DVD's.

Once you have your movie.mkv files generated from the HD-DVD's you can use any decent media player to play them, you might want to look at something like a Popcornhour A400 for instance, assuming whatever display in in your theater has HDMI input hook it up to that and the A400 can read the movie.mkv files from network sources like a server or internal/usb HDD's plugged into the A400.
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Thanks guys, off to read and prep!
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