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We know that Sony has been hyper-aggressive in courting independent productions to their family of game systems. Their focus on promoting these smaller titles goes up another notch as they launch the newest section on the PSN store: Indie Games.
This new category will house all of our latest indie titles in one convenient place.

Be on the lookout for some of our greatest hits, including surreal puzzle title Unfinished Swan and award-winning PSN exclusive Journey. You can also find some of our newest indie games such as the colorful Metroidvania-style PSN game Guacamelee! and imaginative platformer Thomas Was Alone, both of which launched to great fanfare during our Spring Fever event.
And these are just a few of our exciting indie titles in this category. To celebrate this launch, we’re offering special deals on the following titles:

Retro City Rampage: 50% discount to all from May 7th to May 21st

Papo & Yo promotional bundle containing the soundtrack and game: 40% discount (55% for PlayStation Plus subscribers) from May 7th to May 21st

Zombie Tycoon II: Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers for a limited time.

Stellar work by Sony in giving these small but potentially fun titles their own spotlight. This thread can be used for general indie title discussion as they come out when you'd rather not make a separate thread. If you play something that we should check out (or stay away from), let us know!