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Denon 3808 - Sound but no video via HDMI

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I have been running all signals with HDMI through the receiver and then to the TV via the HDMI "monitor" connection. A per few days ago, I am no longer getting video signals. TV states "no video signal". I checked the HDMI cable and the cable is fine. TV settings are the same they have been for the past year and while it was working fine. I have pretty much narrowed it down to the fact that the receiver is not putting anything out via the HDMI monitor connection. I am afraid the problem is with the receiver and it's something that requires fixing. I really hope not. I suppose that I could run the HDMI cables directly to the TV and then an optical cable from the TV to the receiver as a work-around but that would involve complete reprogramming of my remote and does not address resolution of the issue. Any suggestions/opinions?
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Does that AVR normally pass the OSD (on screen display) via HDMI? If so, are you able to get any OSD at all? If not, do you have a composite (or component) video cable connection to your TV to allow you to see the AVR's OSD?
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Thank you for the prompt reply and sorry for the delay in answering. Had to go dig up and dust off a component video cable. Yes, normally, that AVR would pass the OSD via HDMI. I found that it still is able to pass the OSD via the composite cable. In my desperation, I even tried a factory reset. Alas, this too failed to resolve the issue. Is there some other way that the HDMI output signal may have been turned off somehow? Wishful thinking?
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Update - Hooked up everything directly to the TV with an optical cable to the receiver only to remember the reason I did not do so before: the TV will only output a 2.0 signal through the optical, thus defeating the whole purpose. mad.gif
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So, assuming it is capable of doing so, does your AVR pass "downmixed" video that enters via HDMI via its composite/component video output or not?

You didn't happen to put your AVR into DIRECT or PURE DIRECT mode, did you? Perhaps the video circuitry is disabled in those modes.

composite video = one video cable
component video = 3 video cables
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Ok, finally able to work on it some more. Unfortunately, now it will no longer pass anything through the component output either. It will output a light gray screen to the screen and will not show the menu GUI on the screen. Although it would seem somewhat moot at this point, I was unable to check if it would downsample an HDMI video signal and output it via component. It does show the menu on the AVR display.

Re-routed all the HDMI cables directly into the TV. Connected optical cables directly from the various devices into the AVR as those are still able to be decoded. Unfortunately, the only output my BD player has (Denon DVD-2500BTCI) is a single HDMI connection. So I can no longer use it if I want surround sound. PS3 does have optical output so that will have to do for now until I figure out what the problem is and/or/if it it can be repaired or otherwise resolved. But still...

In answer to the other suggestion, no, it was not in direct mode.
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Did you resolve your issue. My avs started doing this last night. Thx
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No. From what I read, it seemed like it was pretty much fried amd would cost a chunck of change (and time) to have it fixed. Ended up just replacing it with a 3813. Found a factory refurbished unit for $650.
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