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Sony CX430V

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Hello everyone,

While researching a Mother's Day present for my wife I stumbled across this forum and it looked like the best place to get an opinion.

We don't currently own a camcorder and I was interested in the Balanced Optical SteadyShot feature this one provides. Is that particular feature worth the purchase?

The price is manageable enough at $700 and I don't see a need to upgrade to the projector version as I don't ever see a situation where we would actually use it.

If that particular aspect of technology isn't light years ahead of everything else that's out, can anyone suggest a camcorder that's comprable to this one? Thank you in advance!
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I have had mine for a few weeks, I love it! I'm coming from a 7 year old flagship mini dv cam.

I first bought the panasonic 720 which I returned right away, the picture was washed out and the image stabilization was nauseating

The Sony 430 has a great menu layout , great picture which I view on my 110 " diagonal screen through my 3 chip dlp pj and the optical image stab is amazing! This alone makes it worth it. this model is the first cam under 1 k to have optical stabilization.

Other than spending 1700 on the canon hg30 the Sony 430 offers a lot
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Where is the CX430V made at? Japan? I'm interested in getting the CX430 and would like to hear your thoughts on the camcorder.
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