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DJ Subwoofers

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Anyone have or try a DJ subwoofer in your home theater? Some of these DJ subwoofers got a huge 18 inch driver. But they don't seem to go very low. I think they go the lowest is 40Hz.

Here are some of the DJ Subwoofers I was looking at on eBay:




But what is attractive are the prices for these 18 inch subwoofers!!!
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Being able to produce the last 2 or 3 octaves with authority is why the good HT subs cost so much more. Much of the cost is in the driver. It doesn't cost much more to make an 18" driver versus a 12". The higher cost is in the development and production of the motor. Amps also have to be better, so costlier.
I'd bet you would also find that DJ subs are optimized for larger venues where critical listening doesn't exist and won't perform well in smaller rooms.
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Originally Posted by mantaraydesign View Post

But what is attractive are the prices for these 18 inch subwoofers!!!
The prices are attractive because they're cheap subs that serious pros wouldn't consider using. Price a JBL STX 828 to see what the real deal goes for.
But they don't seem to go very low. I think they go the lowest is 40Hz.
That's because they're made for music, not HT.
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I used a Madison Sub before in my theater. I was coming from 3 SVS 16-46CS plus subs which went to 13hz in room. The madisons were excellent from 25hz and up and OK at 17-19hz. These were sealed cabs folded horns with an 18. Once I experienced the sure spl from 25hz and up which was over 126 dBs I wanted that combined with my 13hz I had with the SVS. That is how I got into DIY.
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I tried a Yamaha CW218V in my room. (2 Pro 18" drivers - tuned to about 35hz)

I really liked it for music - it had a live club sound (obviously - because that's what it was made for) but for home theater it was lacking (except in the category of output) We compared it directly to other home theater subs in the 2011 subwoofer meet linked in my signature. it didn't place very well. It got beat by multiple subs for music and movies. Pricewise it was one of the cheaper subs there at $700, and sure it had plenty of output for the money - but it really lacks on the low stuff --- and the low stuff is fun for home theater, and even for some music. Look at the score tallys. It did really well except for deep notes, and those scores were enough to take it out of contention with the better subs even though they had much smaller drivers, and less wattage. If I were you I'd skip the cheaper dj subs and jump straight into the deep end of the pool. There are some pro subs that have all the deep dive ability and still retain the ability to put out massive SPL. My JTR Captivator pros come to mind (also represented in the meet) --- but they aren't cheap.
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here was my original saga --- I was definitely interested in PA subs just like you. The behringer and gemini subs you are looking at would pale to compare to the Yamaha I'm afraid - so keep that in mind.

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