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Theatre Room planned out, need help with seating recommendations please

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Hello all,
I've been researching my planed home theatre setup referencing a lot of great content from this site (thanks!). I believe I am now at the point that I need some help in selecting my seating and would appreciate some guidance on possible options / manufacturers.

In the below picture, this is my planned home theatre room layout and where I have planned seating. My initial plan:
  • Dedicated theatre room
  • Two rows of seating
  • Front row is the 'prime' seating and would be used frequently by my wife and I (no kids).
  • Front row to consist of 2 powered recliners
  • Second row is for any friends that were to visit
  • Second row to be a static loveseat

Things that I am looking for:
  • Made in America preferred
  • More concerned with comfortable seating vs looks
  • Planned usage is long term (10+ years)
  • Given duration of use, warranty (especially on electric motor) is important
  • I am 6'1", wife is 5'4"
  • Not concerned with tactile sound ATM

Front Row:
  • Powered recliner
  • $800-1k per seat max, lower if possible?
  • Cupholder (non lit)
  • Ability to lift up separating armrest between 2 chairs (preferred but not required)
  • Tray (preferred but not required)
  • Fabric (open to options provided ease of maintenance and long term durability)
  • Color (darker colors fine)

Second Row:
  • Static Loveseat
  • $800-1k max, lower if possible?
  • Cupholder (not lit, optional)
  • Tray (also optional)
  • Fabric (open to options provided ease of maintenance and long term durability)
  • Color (darker colors fine)

Once there are recommendations on makes / models, I'll pick some brains on showrooms in the Philly / NJ area to visit them in person.... smile.gif

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

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With the room that is 16'6" long and 120" diagonal screen doing two rows of seating could be problematic. With the home theater recliners you need at least 6' - 6.5' deep platform. That will put your front row of seating to close to the screen of that size.
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Thanks for your reply.

I've had some difficulty finding an average "recline depth" for recliners, however I did find a source indicating an average of 60-62" (approx 5ft). Given this I attempted to accommodate that in the design diagram above, which is notated with:
  1. Average chair depth (non-reclined) at 36"
  2. When reclined, an additional 6" allocated behind the chairs
  3. When reclined, an additional 20" allocated in front of the chairs

This also seemed to put the head of the person sitting in the chair (reclined) at approx. 12'6" from the screen. The recommended minimum setback for this screen size at 1.5*screen width is 13', so I knew I was a bit shy on that but had seen others comment elsewhere that being a little under the 1.5 recommendation was not an issue.

With the above, any additional thoughts? Or ideas where to see "recline depth" for some chairs as examples to better use?
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You need at least 6' depth for the full recline (it is a bare minimum) so the chairs in both rows would not collide while reclining. Also, you do not want to have someone sitting in the front row with someone's else feet hanging over his head.

Now, if you primary seating will be the second row, you will be fine. The front row you can keep for the kids who are not as sensitive to the fas moving object scenes as adults.
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My apologies as I may not have explained myself very well, hopefully the attached picture with a side profile of the room will help. It's not to scale but relates my current thoughts. Some other items for clarification:

1) The front row (nearest the screen), is the only one intended to recline. The second row would be a static loveseat without recline capability
2) The room length (when considering back wall to the screen itself) is roughly 17'6" not 16'6" in your first post?
3) I understand when you are saying a 6' recline space, my example still assumes a 5'2" space for consistency in my current example. My thought was that with a 6" recline to the rear, any remaining recline space is towards the screen which I have complete flexibility for an additional 10-12" if needed for that 6' total you are referring to.

With this, does it change any of your above thoughts?

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If the back row is stationary, it may work, but I doubt you will find matching furniture if you want to have nice home theater recliners for the front row. Buying all recliners and not have them recline in the back would be a waist of money IMHO.
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I'm not overly concerned with matching the furniture, "close" is fine with me smile.gif

The only other option I have is to reverse the recliners to the Second Row (rear of the room) and move the loveseat to the front (as seen in the diagram below). This has the following effects:

1) The Second Row viewing distance (my 'prime' viewing spot) is now at roughly 17' which is (I believe) at the max recommended range for this screen width
2) The First Row viewing distance is now at roughly 11', almost 2 feet below the minimum recommended viewing distance for this size screen

This was the reason for going with the initial first approach (recliners in the 1st row) as it seemed to be the best compromise for both 1st and 2nd row viewing.

Any other thoughts (from you or others) please advise. Thanks

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I would definitely recommend recliners for both rows, and make the second row as a primary viewing one.
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Thanks for the reply.

I think I may have gotten off track from the original intent of this thread, which was to identify manufacturers of HT seating that met my criteria in the 1st post. Does anyone have any manufacturer / model recommendations to that end?

I'll post up my home theatre layout for validation in the separate, appropriate forum.
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I think I may have gotten off track from the original intent of this thread,
Did not mean to do that. Just thought I would give some friendly advise and info...
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No need to apologize, your thoughts were certainly appreciated. It was my fault for not directing that to a proper thread on proposed layouts (just created, here) .
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Thank you for the PM earlier requesting my input on this thread. Sorry I was not able to post sooner. You have definitely outlined your needs very thoroughly. Based on your requirements I would suggest that you take a look at Palliser. They are just about the only brand out there what will fulfill each requirement and they are priced right where you are looking. The biggest points in your requirements are made in USA, the need for a matching (I'm assuming matching or at least in the same leather) static loveseat for your back row and the fact that you would like to use them for 10+ years. While the style won't match exactly, Palliser has nice selection of home theater groups as well as sofas and sectionals that can be used for the back row. They have a huge selection of leathers (consider this for easier maintenance) and fabrics that can be used on both the home theater chairs and the loveseat. Palliser is based in Canada and has two factories- one in Canada and one in Mexico. Their furniture is manufactured to the same specs in both factories. So, to be clear, your chairs will be made in North America but not the USA. Given the differences in the heights of you and your wife, her head will hit lower on the chair than yours than yours obviously. So look for a chair that does not have a large protruding headrest- something with more of a flat back. If you would like more specific info I can recommend some groups for the home theater and loveseat. I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me or email me, also.
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Thanks for your thoughts, that is very helpful. I'll take a closer look.

If anyone else has additional thoughts please pass them on. I noticed Lane appears to be a Made in the USA manufacturer?
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You're welcome. Yes, any Lane model not starting with a '1' is made in the USA. They are headquartered in the US and have factories here.
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