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Samsung smart TV and control4

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I am confused.

My husband bought a Saumsung smart TV and wants to install a control4 system, and I don't understand why.
The smart TV seems to be able to do what the Control4 set up does, so why do it?

Any techie that can share their know how, would be really great.
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smart tv = youtube and other streaming video, simple games and apps, web browsing, social media etc .. basically a computer strapped to a tv

control4 = a home automation system for integrated and automated control of lighting, heating, audio visual content, security systems etc
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Well, if all he has in mind is controlling the TV then you are correct. You don't need it.
On the other hand, everything you connect to it will have a remote of it's own. I had a combination of ten IR and RS-232 devices in my theater. That's why I have a Crestron system. Everything is controlled from one touch screen. No fumbling for remotes.
So it kinda all depends on what he invisions the end product will be.
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As said, Control 4 is not a source like your cable box or your Blu-ray Disc player or your Smart applications on your television.

Control 4 is a very good remote control. It is a glorified universal remote control - that can do a ton more than your average 'really good' remote control.

If all you need to control is your Samsung and a cable box, then it may very well be overkill.

If you have lights, a Blu-ray Disc player, a cable box, and have all your equipment hidden away... Then it is STILL overkill to go to Control 4.

If you have a lot more stuff that you want to control, then perhaps Control 4 is the right solution.

But, understand that your Samsung TV can't do what your car does.

It also can't do what Control 4 does.


They are very different products and have completely different purposes.
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