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VIP722, PIP, external audio

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I have a VIP722. I am trying to figure out how to enable PIP plus have its audio sent to a separate audio device (wireless headphones), so one person can watch a program on the major portion of a TV screen and the PIP screen's audio is ported out to the wireless headphones.

PIP works fine. No problem there.

What I have done is attach RCA jacks to one of the 'sides' (1 or 2, and this isn't the right term but hopefully you get the idea)... when the primary screen is playing, let's say side 1, and the audio RCAs are attached, the wireless headset works fine. When I switch to side 2 in PIP, the audio signal reverts to '2', even though the RCAs are plugged into side 1 in the back of the VIP722.

I will test all this again... but it seems to me the audio ought to remain with the RCA side they are plugged in to.

Another way of asking this is.... anyone know how to run PIP, so the audio for the main view comes out the TV, and the PIP screen has its audio ported to an external device as in a wireless headset? Seems to me it should work, but I have not found any documentation towards this hence am looking for help here.


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That option is not possible at this time. The PIP function only allows you to watch two feeds at one time, with the option of swapping between the two for different audio. I will send that suggestion forward for you, but I can't say if it will be added on or not.
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