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I think I need a new sub

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Hey peoples,

I have a complete Polk system:

RTi8's for mains
CSi5 for the center
RC55i's for the surrounds
PSW10 sub

As you can see, the PSW10 is a few grades below the RTi line. It's brand new. I bought it three months ago for my living room renovation.

Just tonight, I hooked it up.

Not a fan.

It definitely puts out something, but it's not what I want to hear. It sounds "woofy" and "boxy." I loathe that midrangey type sound. I actually turned the x-over as low as it would go, and lowered the volume after a little while. It bothered me that much. It sounded very separate from the rest of the system - there was no smooth transition to the bass frequency.

Anything I can do short of buying a new sub?

I'm good with woodworking, so building my own is not at all out of the question.

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Originally Posted by ethyloh View Post

Anything I can do short of buying a new sub?

Learn about and apply what you have learned about regarding the "sub-crawl" as that would be the first step towards proper integration of a subwoofer into the sound reproduction system.

Google "subwoofer crawl".

From the above, it's going be all about budget, multiple subwoofers and a whole lot of money, time and effort.

Personally, from my position, I'd go with the sub-crawl and go from there.
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The Polk subs are pretty horrible. DIY is easily the best bang for the buck if you already have the tools and skills. I would look around the DIY section for ideas. Sell that Polk and build yourself a real subwoofer. You can make a killer sub for relatively cheap.
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IMO, the PSW10 is a decent sub for a moderately-sized (or smaller) room and up to moderate volume levels. Since it's not working for you and...
- assuming you did calibrate the sub to your system,
- there's no actual problem with the sub itself, and
- without knowing your budget,
...the Klipsch RW-12d - when on sale for $300 or less at Newegg.com - is an option you might want to consider.
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The Klipsch RW-12D is highly recommended when on sale; the BIC PL-200 is the most recommended under $300 sub; the Hsu STF2 is one of the most recommended under $400 subs.

The PSW10 puts out very little sound below 40 Hz. It is fine in a small room with small satellite speakers. You RTI8 speakers may have about the same output at 40 Hz as the PSW10 (i.e., the PSW10 is not a serious supplement to the RTI8s).
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I doubt you'll be happy with the Polk sub regardless of placement. Since you're open to DIY, I'd suggest exploring that. Start a thread in the DIY forum with your budget and room size and they'll point you in the right direction. I just built a couple subs for the first time... it was simple and I'm very happy with the outcome. I can't imagine buying a sub again.

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