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HDVT Transmission over cat6

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hi guys

I'm currently wiring my new house up and I was thinking of installing foxtel in one room and streaming HDMI over ethernet to a few other rooms (watch the same channel on multiple TVs).

What I plan to do is run 2 coaxial cables for the foxtel box + 1 ethernet cable for comms (ie. on demand).

I then take the HDMI output of the box through a HDMI splitter to get 3 HDMI outputs.

From these HDMI outputs I go in to 3 HDMI to ethernet converters

I then have 3 cat6 cables from this room going to 3 other rooms, all which have TVs in them.

In each room, I will have converters installed to convert from ethernet back to HDMI. I will then go via HDMI into the TV in that room.

Only two TVs (max) will be on at the same time.

Will this work?
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Should work. Just make sure to buy a good quality converter box (sender box and receiver box) that best suits your needs. There are tons out there, and tons of different adapters.

Not sure we run HDMI at work over extenders yet, but we run VGA, DVI, and Component over Cat5e all the time. Only run into issues when we pick up interference from all the other electronics/cable runs on the longer runs we do.
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