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Z-Media room build

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Early this year I started planning to rework my bonus room as a mixed theater/living room.
I don't have the option of going bat cave. And wanted the room to continue to work for casual Tv watching which I prefer to do with the lights on.

So enter the floor plan:

I had never owned a projector and didn't know exactly what to think so I picked one up to help the planning. I also built a temporary screen for testing.
This made me wonder why all remotes are not backlit... and it made me really want to be able to automate my lighting. So enter the lighting plan:

6 zones using a Grafik Eye. The room is finished so I needed a way to chase cables etc so I decided to add a soffit.

And that is where I stand today. Soffit framed, electrical roughed in, waiting for inspection.

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Some pictures of the soffit:

I used a cheap mono price mount for the tv and a power bridge for low/high voltage:

The projector is mounted using a Peerless PRGUNV (which I think is great!):

The wires pulled into my closet:

And the preparation for a 6 zone Grafik Eye (note I am not an electrician so don't do as I do!!):

I hope to have it inspected on Friday.
Wish me luck!
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Inspection passed! I wired up the receptacle(s) in the closet and all is well there. Now on to trying to fit the grafik eye in the box! I can't imagine getting it to fit in a smaller box than the masonry 4 gang unit I am using.
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Very nice set up - looks like my kind of build (usable, comfy). A room you can chill out in, not a dedicated theater! GL with the rest.
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I managed to get the lights on too smile.gif

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Progress update? Any recent photos?
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Thanks for the prodding smile.gif.

Between work and life progress has slowed. But I have the insulation in the soffit and most of the drywall hung. I have never done drywall before so I am dreading the mudding of all the corners!

I also solved one of my last technical problems: I was not sure what to do about the surround speakers. I ended up building 1 cu ft enclosures into the soffit and angling them ~45 degrees down.

These enclosures will hold a pair of RS150-8 drivers and an SB29RDCN tweeter in a horizontal MTM configuration. I will cross them real low so hopefully lobing won't be terrible. The pair of RS150's should provide plenty of dynamic headroom.

Here are some pictures of the room today:

I also am about 50% done with the cabinet for my electronics. Pictures to come... (eventually)
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Looking good! They make metal 90 degree corner bead for inside and outside edges of drywall so make sure you use those if you didn't already know about them. Tape and bedding is one of those things I just could never get right either, You have done most of the hard work, Just for grins have a pro give you a quote on doing it, you may be surprised. Besides not having to deal with the mess is worth something...
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Vacations and life have intervened but I finally finished hanging the drywall. Mud starts this weekend.

I also ran into a killer deal on a middle atlantic rack that I just couldn't pass up on:

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Looks like a great room
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