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White soundbar?

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Does anyone know of a decent soundbar that is available in white? Web search turned up nothing.
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I've never seen one.
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I just did a Google search and came up with a few. Look at the images and a few models are there.
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The only ones that Google finds ia a Boston Acoustics that has been discontinued, and a Yamaha that no one seems to have in white.
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It appears that the white Yamaha is only available in the U.K. Of all the soundbars discussed here over the past several years, I've never seen a white one. I think you're out of luck.
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I know of following white soundbars:


Yamaha YAS-201 

Canton DM 900 http://www.canton.de/en/homecinema/dm/produkt/dm900.htm

Caton DM 9 http://www.canton.de/en/homecinema/dm/produkt/dm9.htm

A Samsung sales person told me that they will bring out the Samsung HW-F750 in white in Feb 2014 as well.

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