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Is Sonos my only option?

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My wife and I use Plex daily for watching movies, TV shows, YouTube and listening to our music or streaming music. I've got a Plex server and client in my basement, a Plex client HTPC in my living room and Plex on my iPod touch and wife's iPhone to send to the Apple TV in our bedroom.

Our house is not wired for sound; no speakers or wire but I will be wiring it with CAT6.

Plex really isn't set up to be a multi-room audio system though. I was hoping to get the functionality of a Sonos system but use the Plex clients, or at least the hardware they're on. But it doesn't seem like there is really anything available.

I've ready about Logitech Media Server and the Softsqueeze application and Airfoil but neither of those seem to give me the ease of use as a Sonos. I'd buy Sonos devices for 4 zones immediately if I was prepared to spend that much money so instead I'm looking for a DIY solution.

I'm just looking for confirmation that I should stop looking and start preparing the wife for us to spend a couple thousand dollars if we want a system like that.
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There's also the NuVo wireless systems P100 / P200, and their 3-zone wired P3100 - but that's going to be in the same ballpark as Sonos.

If you're able to run wires such that you could install speakers and home-runs, you could start on a WHA system and perhaps use fewer Sonos boxes as sources - but at 3-4 zones you're probably getting close to break even with two sources.

Also, with that wiring in place you could hook 2 or more rooms to a single Sonos source - this depends on how you expect to use the system.

But in general, yes, prepare yourself for the outlay. There are cheap ways to do this stuff, but they all have significant compromises in integration and usability.

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