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TWC Los Angeles - Which HDTV DVR box should I keep - DCH3416 or DCX3400-M??

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I recently called TWC because the audio was intermittently dropping out for a second or two while I was watching TV. I've also noticed in the past when I'm watching a movie I've recorded on my DVR that there will be glitches in the movie - exactly like when you're watching a scratched DVD or Blu-ray disc. My current HDTV DVR is a Motorola DCH3416.

The guy brought me a somewhat trashed DCX3400 which I instantly didn't like due to it's non-conventional size and shape (the old box is the same width as my Yamaha Blu-ray player so they fit nicely together in my entertainment center). The DCX3400 has a larger HD (I THINK they said the DCH3416 was 160GB and the DCX3400 was 250GB) and faster video processor (800xx Mhz vs. 1Ghz). However, not being a MoCA box, it had the same old guide (which, I figured, was a bad thing) and I could not use the remote features of the iOS apps.

Not knowing any better, I requested a DCX3400-M. I guess it also has a 1Ghz processor and, according to the hidden settings menu, something like a 465GB HD. Pretty sweet - except for the fact that it has the horrible new user interface.

Because I couldn't decide which box to keep, they let me keep all three for a few days until I could figure out which box I wanted to keep. Aesthetically (not that important, but I do have to look at the thing every day, even when it isn't on) I much prefer the original box - the lights are dimmer and match those of my other components, and the size/shape is much better. Functionally, while it has a slower video processor (is there a big difference between 800 Mhz and 1Ghz?) and much smaller HD, it DOES have the older guide, which is much easier to use, has color-coded programming, etc., proper search functions, etc.. Assuming that the audio and video issues I was having were caused by a bad HDMI cable and not a problem with the box itself, I'm tempted to keep the old box.

The DCX3400-M is tempting, due it it's huge HD and remote functions. It also lets you filter my favorite channels - and remembers that setting across sessions, which is great. Other than that feature, however, the new guide is a DISASTER. For example, if I want to search for all sports currently on live TV, it will only come up with 3 channels; if I search for movies currently on live TV, it only gives me HBO, which I don't even subscribe to. Additionally, the FF and REW feature is a mess - instead of speeding through in real time, it displays single frames in different increments and doesn't stop when you tell it to. lastly, all programming is in black and blue - no more green for sports, purple for movies, etc. I could go on and on. That being said, according to TWC, they will eventually be phasing out the old guide, which means I'll be forced to use the new guide - probably on a new-style box like the DCX3400 or 3400-M - anyway, at some point. Problem is, they can't tell me when that will be - could be in 2 or 3 months, could be in 18 months, etc.

I've narrowed my choice down to the original DCH3416 or the DCX3400-M (the non-MoCA DCX3400 is pretty trashed) but I'm still not sure which one to keep. Should the larger HD or faster processor of the new box make it a no-brainer - despite the horrible new guide - especially if I'm going to have to make the switch at some point in the further anyway? OR should I hang on to the older box with the preferred guide and aesthetics for as long as I can?

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated :-)

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Really? No opinions or advice??
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Originally Posted by jsulmeyer View Post

Really? No opinions or advice??

Generally, the DCX3400 is a newer and better DVR. It supports H.264 video. The DCH3416 does not. The DCX3400 has 1GHz tuners. The DCH3416 only has 864 MHz tuners. The DCX3400 should have a bigger HDD and more RAM. Some people like the look of the DCH3416 better. Some like the DCX3400 better.


I've never used either. My DVRs have been SA/Cisco. I'd go with the DCX3400.
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