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Review: Your Sister's Sister

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Didn't see a thread, so I figured I'd do one. This is a small romantic dramedy about a guy whose brother died a year ago and he's been in an ever growing anti-social funk every since. Finally, at the 1 year memorial party his friend (played by Emily Blunt) intervenes and forces him to go to her father's place out on the island for some alone time to get his head together. He goes out but discovers that her sister is there as well, also looking for some alone time. She's just broken up a long term relationship, so both of them are pretty much on the rocks.

Complications ensue of course, and later Emily's character shows up as well to add more complications.

It's a very human scale flick, all character and dialog driven. It has an interesting sort of musical 'bridge' section in the middle, as in a song type bridge, not a musical about a real bridge (which would have been a little non-sequitar.) As usual with these types of indie relationship films, it's not trying to be the standard Hollywood happy, clappy, everything tied off and resolved type flick or anything like that.

It's got plenty of humor but not a lot of laugh out loud humor. It's stuff that can fit into a somewhat bittersweet story, from some fairly bittersweet people, without breaking the mood of the film. But it's not heavy at all either. It's something I'd place in the same general area as Young Adult, that sort of thing.

I enjoyed it quite a lot. It's not necesarily one I'd put on my regular rewatch list, but an enjoyable watch.
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I saw it a week or so ago. I enjoyed it, but not something a lot of people on AVS would enjoy.

I’ve got a thing for Rosemarie DeWitt. She is so down to earth, cuddly, attractive, and can be so damn sexy.
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BTW, I want to get a place on that island when I'm rich. There wwas some just gorgeous scenery there where they shot that. That would be a great place to be a writer or musician or whatnot.
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Really liked this one. The conversations felt genuine and seemed to flow naturally. All 3 actors did a fine job. Where did this Mark Duplass come from? Loving everything I've seen him in since SNG.

Dean when you get your place on the island I'd like to rent it for a week or two please. Beautiful!

*also liked how it ended at just the right spot.
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Emily Blunt?
I'm in....
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