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I got out my old sony np fh100 battery that I got over five years ago for my Sony HC3. It is a huge battery, wasn't cheap.
I took a steak knife and trimmed the middle tags, it now fits the td 30 with almost 1" of battery sticking out. It has the same voltage as the battery that came the 30 ( 7.2v), 26.5 wh.
When I put it in the cam, under battery info it said it had 288 minutes and even then, that was with a battery that was charged over a month ago.
If you ever had a Hc3 hdv cam ( or maybe some other models) you might to dig out the batteries as they can work with the rd 29/30
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You assume the L100 will work with the TD30. It may not.

I don't think your test will be meaningful anyway but that's just my opinion based on your description.

The FH series batteries may not work with your TD30. a few years ago the FAA changed the requirements for flight approved LiION batteries. They require some new shutoff circuit now that is in the FV series. My older camcorder the SR12 used the FH series. Those batteries can be made to fit the TD10 with some surgery on the brackets. Like you I did this to see if I could use them. Discovered both the large capacity and small capacity would register the longer minutes but when I tried to record, they would record for about 5-10 minutes and the safety circuit in the camera would shut the camcorder down. If I disconnected the FH battery it would reset the camcorder cut out circuit and then record again for about 5 -10 minutes. This happened for both the large and small batteries in the older FH series. You may want to verify yours will work with the TD10 by actually charging one up and then start recording to see if it records an hour or so. The FV batteries will power the SR12 camcorder with no problem as there is no cutoff circuit in the SR12 camcorder. This change took place a year before the TD10 came to market. If the TD30 works then I wonder how they got around the FAA regulation.
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