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Originally Posted by joe6620 View Post

I guess maybe since this is an audio problem it is posted in the wrong forum. Thought someone might answer it though. I would like to thank all the members who tried to help me with my problem. I learned a lot in the process. Nice forum.

I just haven't had much time to look at what you said. When you mentioned "audio splitter" what do you mean? A y-cable or something powered?

Does your sat box have a digital audio output? Does the Vizio have a digital audio input? If so, that would be a second method of getting audio out of the sat box and into the TV.
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'what do you mean? A y-cable or something powered?' - was about to ask exactly that question!

Let’s take bets on it being a Y-cable smile.gif

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Is there any reason why a high definition sat settop box with native HDMI isn't being used? Maybe I missed the answer to that but I would have to think that would offer a substantial upgrade in an of itself.

The powered HDMI splitter would of course still be needed, but getting native HD would bypass the need for the scaler which is always good in my opinion.
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Joe, there is no obvious answer. Once again, I would expect you are using a cheap stereo splitter that is passive, and you are getting signal loss across things, perhaps cheap (poorly built) cables.

Just an FYI: The yellow RCA connection is composite video. The Red/Green/Blue RCA connection is component video. RCA is the physical connectors that plug into the two video types. But, the two video types themselves are called composite and component video. The red/white RCA connections (once again, RCA connectors!) are your analog audio connection point.

As far as I can tell all Sonicview FTA receivers only have one set of analog audio outputs, so you will need decent analog cables if you want to use them, and once again, you may need a powered analog audio splitter to get what you want.
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That is what I figured a powered audio device should do the job. Since everything else is working. . . so long folks.
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