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Originally Posted by JonasHansen View Post

Very promising theater! Congrats! You really need a bigger screen though in my opinion smile.gif

Any reason you have been recommended the dead-end live-end concept? I actually thought that with speakers like the Procellas (with smooth off-axis response) first reflection points could be diffused for even greater sound stage.

After extensive experimentation with lateral side wall acoustic treatment at first reflection points with the Procella P610s I've ended up with a combination of RPG BAD (a combination absorber / diffuser) at immediate side wall reflection point and RPG Modex Plates with diffusers on top at opposite side wall reflection point. Having said that I do think RPG BAD ARC at both points would be a viable alternative, and the BAD ARC at immediate side wall reflection better than the standard BAD. However my room is narrow (12ft) and my L/Rs close to the side walls (2ft). If your speakers are further from the side wall you might be able to just use diffusion.
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Some of the gear in the room. The concrete block is 40 x 20 x 4 (cm). So I will have 4 blocks for each P610...2 side by side and 2 high. That will get the speakers 8 cm off the ground and that makes the center of the tweeter approximately 72.5 cm off the ground. That is my ear height when I watch movies...I lay back and put my feet up.

The roll down screen is fully pulled down in this picture...and I have attached the bottom rod into the floor. I will cover the screen with black fabric up to a height of 79 cm off the floor. That will be how high the top of the P610 reaches. ( I figured 1 cm for rubber discs under the speakers).
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New member of the family arrived today! Special thanks to Joacim Eriksson of wiktors.se.

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Dat dere HT gear ...
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Originally Posted by TMcG View Post

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Lesson learned....never compare stack sizes in a Procella thread....biggrin.gif

That is too funny:D
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P10si are in the house!

Also Svanå Miljö Teknik is building my Wings this week. Also will be getting some 25 mm and 50 mm absorption from Svanå Miljö Teknik. I am also using my AD20's and AD40's from Svanå that I had in my last Home Theater.

Lastly, Pär Hörnell will be coming in June to deliver some more goodies and to measure the room acoustically to help me find the best spot for the LCR and subwoofer. He is also the mastermind behind the placement of the acoustic treatment, and I will be the one actually putting the treatment up on the wall. I would be fumbling in the dark without his guidance and help.
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New twist......Matts himself will be coming to my house next Friday to do some type of acoustic measurement and then consult me as to how he feels the room should be acoustically treated. I am extremely excited and very interested to see how he works and what it is he does. Will keep you all updated....
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Here are my exclusive Home Theater chairs......errrr I mean my Ikea couch and foot stool.

Procella P15 reporting for duty

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Nice, thanks for sharing
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Originally Posted by FOH View Post

Nice, thanks for sharing

Film is one of my passions and HT is my hobby. Great combination. The the fun for me in doing a thread like this is to share with other enthusiasts. I have read lots of build threads that have entertained and inspired me. This is my way of documenting a dream come true and giving back at the same time. Stay tuned, should get interesting when Matts of Svanå Miljö Teknik comes this Friday.
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Tonight I made my black bomull (fleece cotton) curtains that will be used for masking 1.78:1, 1:85:1, and of course the oldie but goodie 1.33:1!!!. The room had curtains on each side of the screen, so I just took apart the old curtains and used the hardware with the fabric I bought. It was a bit of a pain (like most projects), but I am happy with the result. Below are pictures of what 1.33:1 would look like masked and also the more common 1.78:1. You need to imagine the bottom of the screen permamently masked from the floor to the bottom of the curtains. I will mask that with the same fabric.

The fabric had edges that were too ragged, so I had to fold the edge under which helped quite a lot. Two picture are the before and after close ups, and one is the after a bit farther away.

The fabric does a very good job at not reflecting light. While it is a step below velvet it is much cheaper and gives me a "good enough" improvement over the ultra matte black paint in the room. I also needed a lot of the fabric since I plan on using it on the front third of the room in most places (ceiling, side walls, screen walls, and floor). Below is a couple pictures that show the relative difference versus the ultra matte black paint.

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Finished the permament masking for the bottom of the screen. The picture below shows the side masks set for 1.78 :1. The screen (with permament bottom masking in place is about 320 cm x 152 cm (2.1:1). I mask 24 cm on each side for 1.78:1. For 2.35:1 the side masks will be not used and their will be about 8 cm black horizontal bars top and bottom.

Closer up....

If you are wondering why I am using black fabric.....it is to reduce ambient light so that the low black floor of the JVC PJ can be appreciated
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Making some progress now. Very tired, but also excited. Been working at night after kids go sleep. You can see the 45mm x 45 mm wood on both side walls. Horizontal wood and below surround will get Svanå AD20 and the bigger square towards the front of the room will get Isover Piano Ljudskiva plus black fabric. Surrounds mounted. All speaker wire run. Tomorrow night black paint time and then mount AD20!!!

All this is the brainchild of Matts of Svanå and Pär Hörnell. I am just the hourly labor!

Matts visit was incredible. He is very personable, knowledgable, and down to earth. He approaches things from a scientific perspective, and I really like that. He was an incredible help, and had many idea that I am using. He even told me exactly how to construct things and which materials to use. You can see a couple pics of the Wings below. They are even more beautiful in person. I will have 12 wings in all.

Pär got a new microphone setup that is pretty special I guess. He is excited about the acquisition and if it is up and running by this Thursday I may be his fist Guinea Pig! Although he has probably been playing with it in his own HT.

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Pär Hörnell is here today with his new microphone measuring kit fresh from HAA certification! I am the first client. Super excited.

Here are some pics!!

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Erm why are your P610s on the floor?!
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They are currently 8 cm off the floor and I will take them up 4 cm more. It is a pull down screen....not acoustically transparent.
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Room is coming along nicely! I got the PJ mounted and adjusted tilt, roll, and yaw. Always a fun 3 hours:rolleyes:smile.gif. However I got it to within a mm of square, so I am happy. The JVC is gorgeous and the picture is just what I was hoping....engaging, contrasty, and sharp.

Pär Hörnell's visit was a huge success and exceeded my expectations. He used his new advanced HAA microphones and measuring equipment to find the best placement of the LCR and subwoofer as well as optimize the crossover between the satellites and subwoofer. He also used his highly trained ears and his acoustic knowledge to make a couple predictions regarding placement that were amazingly enough correct. I cannot tell you how cool his calibration setup is, it really must be seen to be believed. There were a number of measurements he did ranging from getting a read on the background noise, finding the room modes, etc. I cannot remember them all but it sure was a lot. The best part was that he explained along the way exactly what he was doing and explained the results. That is very important to me. I will also say that the Xilica 3060 is a very powerful tool that is very easy to use. Thanks to Anders of Procella for the help with the dsp programs.

After we were done Pär played a demo DVD he made. It was a fantastic mix of various types of scenes from a surprisingly eclectic selection of films. I will get right to the conclusion...it was simply the best sound I have ever heard in my life. The entire day culminating in such a fantastic expectation exceeding result was too good to be true. The room actually moved quite a bit, and the P610's are an audio T-Rex!!! Weight was the feeling that kept pulsing through my body as the P610's detonated off yet another veil that cloaks film soundtracks due to less than perfect playback systems. I cannot believe the power and bass that resides in the movies Pär had on his demo disc. They weren't even super hero movies!!! Truly impressive beyond words.

After Pär's demo disc I pulled out the Prison escape scene from Kung Fu panda (about the 31 minute mark). Any demo that doesn't include this scene shouldn't be able to look itself in the mirror at night.

Here are a few pics. Among other things you will see the third 4 cm stone added under P610's and that I have glued the stone so that they don't slowly vibrate apart or move.

Next comes the Wings from Svanå Miljo Teknik, I will mount my AD40's (from Svanå as well) on the ceiling, I will more absorption panels for front wall, and finally play with a little black fabric and paint. Hopefully I will be done in 3-4 weeks.

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Made shirts for my P610's. Since they are so close to the screen they increase the ambient light. This takes away from the contrast of the image. I also made a black fabric border for one side of the screen. Other side will have to be another day. I watched the first half of Lincoln last night, and this movie has some phenomenal dialogue (Lincoln is played by Daniel Day Lewis....movie directed by Spielberg). Great movie so far, and the dialogue has never been so engrossing and intimate as with the P610's. Every nuance of Daniel Day Lewis's voice resonates with you and this movie is an acoustic demo for dialogue. Really great. The mid bass whallop of the P610 is also uncanny. Pics below.

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Frames filled with Isover Piano Ljudskiva Insulation on the front wall on both sides of the screen. They are ready for black fabric. Not tonight however.....A night with the wife and something from Netflix.smile.gif

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It has been a while since I posted because I have been busy watching movies, spending time with family and working in the HT. I have to put SMT's Wings on the back wall, put some half tubes stuffed with insulation on the side angled walls, put up some more black fabric, do some touch up painting, and then I should be about done.

I have put up SMT's AD40 on the ceiling......5 clusters for first reflections, and then a halo of sorts around the listening area. I have put up more black fabric, specifically on the absorber panels on the right and left side of the front screen wall. Tonight I put up one of my Wings just to test out my plan to mount them on the wall. Worked like a charm. I have 11 more coming Friday.

I have included some pictures you may enjoy taking a peek at. As far as the gear in the room I am absolutely stunned by the raw power of the P610. Procella did a phenomenal job with this speaker. I am enjoying to the extreme having the LCR P610's crossed over at 40 hz delivering 3 sources of bass that washes over the listening area. I am a real bass head, so this upgrade from the P6 to the P610 was a HOMERUN!!! The structural integrity of the room is no match for the P610 /P15 combo as the entire room moves. This in fact I love, as it really makes movies like an amusement park ride!!! The Wings are gorgeous, super light and easy to work with, and mounting them required just 2 bits of 45 cm x 45 cm wood, 2 L brackets, some monteringslim (construction glue), and a few screws.

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I am a bit surprised the subwoofer is to the one side of the listening position. I was told that was something to avoid. But considering you had the room professionally calibrated, who am I to argue? biggrin.gif

How are you liking the completed theater? Do you find you need any absorption, even if it's just a rug on the floor? Is there much reflection from your metal track for the side masking panels?

Overall nice job!
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The best spot for the sub may be in the middle of the room 3 feet elevated off the floor.... But practical considerations often limit our placement options. The room was not calibrated fully using EQ, but rather the best position for the LCR and subwoofer was found as well speaker distance and trim values. But the main thing was positioning. I will run Audyssey pro when I am done with the room.

The theater is not completed. I have more diffusion going on back and side walls, rug going in on floor between speakers and couch, and more black fabric and touch up painting. Not sure about metal tracks.

However as is now the experience is breathtaking. I couldn't be happier with the results.
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Do you have some measurements at MLP before and after treatment you can share with us? (even just the current/finished ones)
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Never got any measurements.... . Sorry. However I will have before and after Audyssey Pro measurements.

I will say that many audio effects seem to just hover out there in the ether all around me to a greater degree after the AD40 on ceiling. The definition of subjectivity however I strive to be very objective in my subjectivity.
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I have mounted 12 wings (8 on back wall including 1 on the door.....and 4 on the side angled walls). I have also put up 3 tubes, and have 20 more to go! The pictures will give you and idea, but unfortunately the pictures don't come out very good and the room looks much cooler in person. I still have to touch up paint, where I will paint the metal brackets and such, so the metal brackets do stick out like a sore thumb in the pictures. I will watch Transformers 3 with Wifey tonight. Looking forward to hearing the room with the wings mounted.

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Tubes up. Tomorrow night will put little insulation inside them and cap one end. My wife clapped while standing at the front of the room while I sat in the MLP and it was amazing....absolutely zero echo. the echo was horrible before the acoustic treatment. Very exciting. Before the tubes (just wings) I watched Transformers 3 and the improved clarity of dialogue and all other sounds as well was very noticeable. I was also getting an hissing sound off the back wall when listening to level setting tones......all gone now! Few pics....

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Is there a plan to cover the hard wood floor ?
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No plans. I have some rugs up front to help some with floor reflections and ambient light.
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You have spent so much money on equipment - why aren't you hiring a pro to design the acoustic treatment, and perform the calibration of the room?
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I have had one pro use measurements to find the best location for the speakers and another consult me as to where I should put what type of acoustic treatment. I have put the treatments up myself and built some myself with the guidance of these pros. I haven't haphazardly placed treatment on the walls I can assure you. As far as final calibration I am very happy with Audyssey Pro.
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