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Leather seat lifespan

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I am debating between bonded leather, real leather, or micro fiber theater seats. Was wondering from people who have said chairs how long each lasts. Can leather, even real leather, last longer than 5 years with it still looking nice?
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Leather wears like iron.

I have two leather sofas in my family room that I bought from Lazyboy about 7 years ago. They get daily use and look near brand new. Only care I give them is to use a leather cleaner and conditioner about every 6 months.

Bonded leather is a mixed bag. Some is very cheaply made and starts to come apart over time. Good quality bonded does better. The problem is it is hard to know what you are buying.

Micro fiber is the same. Some qood quality materials, some poor.

My experience with daily use of leather furniture leads me to buy leather again, when redecorating time comes. When I replace the current sofas, they will have a second life somewhere.
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Leather can be also a mix bag. Stay away from split leathers. WHen you buy your furniture ask specifically if the leather is top grain one.
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Originally Posted by mijotter View Post

Can leather, even real leather, last longer than 5 years with it still looking nice?

IIWY I would avoid bonded leather like the plague. It isn't leather. It is a synthetic material made with leather fiber and a plastic binder, like vinyl.

Full grain or top grain is the way to go if you can. But even split leather is better than bonded. FWIW there are lots of grades of leather in any category, from butter soft to hard as a rock. And you will get what you pay for.

If the price of good leather is too much for your budget, IMHO it would be better to go with microfiber.
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My leather match Coasters are still like new after 9 years. But so are the sides and back which are vynil. They get used very regularly.
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