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For Sale:
Panasonic DMR-E95 DVR

Will Ship To: USA

Panasonic DMR-E95 DVR - excellent condition


I am the original owner.


Included items - original OEM remote, original OEM 2nd remote, original shipping box, owner's manual, and service manual.


This DVR has performed flawlessly since I purchased it new.  Panasonic offered only 1 firmware update for this model and it has been installed.


Important note - This DVR has an ANALOG ONLY tuner.  It does NOT tune digital channels.  I am willing to include an RCA digital OTA converter box if requested.


Important note - This DVR is equipped with TVGOS capability.  The TVGOS service has been discontinued, which renders this function obsolete.  Both clock and timer functions can be utilized manually without this service.


Folks who will want this DVR will be familiar with its capabilities, are likely to be a bit more tech savvy than most consumers, and will appreciate the recording quality and multiple line inputs and outputs this unit has to offer.  The hard drive and DVD burner both work flawlessly.


Price includes free shipping to US destinations only.