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MoCA help

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Several years ago, my cable provider installed an amp on two of the cable runs in my house. Streaming to my PS3, HTPC, etc. over my wireless N router is horrible, so I decided to install a couple of MoCA adapters. The amp was blocking the adapter in my living room so I had the cable company remove it. My MoCA devices work great but now I'm getting fuzzy reception and missing channels on my TVs.

I want to amplify my signal at the cable company's box outside my house, but need a little help with my design. The cable company tech didn't have a clue what MoCA was so I refuse to call them back. Here's my proposed setup.

I'm hoping this will keep my MoCA network running and solve the picture problems on my TVs. Does anyone see a problem with this setup?
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Why not just 1 amp on the input of the first 3-way splitter?
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Yeah I thought about it over the weekend and came up with another design. TWC had a 2 port amp on it before, so I assume they weren't using one of the ports on their 3-way splitter. The cable tech that came out wasn't interested in explaining what was in their box attached to my house. Thanks for the response.
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What are the diplexers for? Your drawing does not indicate their purpose.

On the leg that has your cable modem, etc., you have ~11dB of splitter loss to both the VoIP box and that TV. Why not put the amp on the input of the first 2-way splitter.

Looking at it again, suspect that the diplexers are for MoCA to bypass the amp so it can continue to the other leg of the 2-way splitter. If you could locate the amp at the input of the 2-way splitter, you wouldn't need those diplexers, as well as increase the CATV signal to the other leg, where it appears you need it more.
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I've been debating replacing TWC's splitter in their box with the amp I ordered. I'm reluctant to modify the run with the cable modem because everything is smooth on that one. Once I get access to their box, I'll find out what type of splitter is in there. I suspect it's an unbalanced one like the 3-way I installed. Why else would I not have picture and connectivity issues on the cable modem run but the other two are flaky?
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Wow, this is maddening. I added the amp inside the demarc box along with the diplexers and my TV picture looks worse. The diplexers must be terrible because the picture quality cleared up when I removed them. Anyone have a link to a decent pair of diplexers?
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Victory! It turns out I didn't need the diplexers in order for both of my MoCA adapters to work. The Motorola BDA-S2 seems to pass the traffic just fine. Here's what ultimately worked for me:
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Who knows just where the MoCA adapters are placing the information. The diplex filters are not brickwall filters, meaning that they do not have sharp edges on their notches. It sounds like they were actually creating a second pathway for the MoCA signals.
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