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Originally Posted by TK Doom View Post

So, i'm engaged, getting married June 8, fiance and I regularly go the movies, where its obviously LOUD. Especially IMAX.

We are building a HT and my HT can match the theater for loudness. However, significant other does not like it as loud at home. is this normal? She says "room is too small" (compared to theater), and I said, SPL is SPL, am I right in that regards?

I love it loud...I'm just curious is my fiance an anomaly? biggrin.gif

I can't believe you even asked. Of course there is nothing wrong with your fiancee, of course there's something wrong with you!

Get used to it. (I've been married 28 years)

FYI I recently upgraded to a new, high powered 5.1 setup. My wife listens to the TV with the volume (on the TV run thru the AVR) to a ONE, and when I complain she sometimes cranks it up to 4. I think 25 is a moderate listening level, and for musical shows like DWTS 40 sounds pretty good.

So, I get LOUD when I want it (ie, when she's not home) and she (seriously) is enjoying the same equipment, but for the opposite reason; speech on it is so crystal clear, she can turn it DOWN and it's a very relaxing, very enjoyable listening experience for her.

More seriously, congrats on getting married. And LISTEN to your wife, because they are usually right about things.

Don't ever admit that.
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The bottom line is that the OP girlfriend does not like things loud. Cranks things up when she is not around. Also, get a few regular movies to watch without a lot of LFE so that both of you enjoy the HT.
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