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Need a LCR setup

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So I was going to start with the center first.. I was looking at these two here

BIC America FH6-LCR Or DV-62CLRS now the first one from what I hear is horn loaded, however a dome would be better off since you don't have to sit within the center line of the speaker.

I'm more leaning to the DV-62CLRS but I'm not sure what to use for the L & R are the DV62si bookshelfs good or should I find something else that would match close with the center?
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Horn speakers are not most people's cup of tea when it comes to the sound quality, unless you get into some rather expensive ones.

I suggest that you get some L/R speakers and add the center later, if that is where you are going.

For $349 you can get a pair of Whafedale Diamond 10.1 speakers, which are excellent.

For about $150 you can get a pair of Polk R150 speakers, which are OK for the money.
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