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Music-Only System Upgrade

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Long story short: my speakers and my ears aren't getting along like they used to, and I'm looking to upgrade.. 99% of the my usage will be classical music streamed via Mog. with a budget of like $500-700. Should I buy just 2 front speakers, or 5 matched speakers? I do enjoy both matrix surround and 2 channel, so I'm not sure which way to go.
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I think it would make the most sense to start with the best stereo pair of speakers within your budget. You could then add additional speakers as finances allow. I've listed just some of your many options below.

KEF Q300 $650
Monitor Audio Silver RX-1 $675
NHT Classic Model Two $658
PSB Image B6 $549
B&W 685 $650

If you could scrape a bit more cash together the Monitor Audio Silver RX-2, Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 and PSB Imagine series would be worth looking at as well. Oh, and you may have noticed I listed only book shelf speakers. If you want towers you will probably need to expand your budget into the $1000 range most likely. Although there are a few options I can think of that are in your budget if you are in fact more interested in towers.
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- the KEF Q300
- Monitor Audio RX-1
- if you can bump your budget to the $850 range several nicer options are available.

(Though for strictly music listening, at medium volumes, the Q300 and RX-1 are pretty dxxx good.)

FWIW, the KEF Q300 are only $500 a pair at http://www.accessories4less.com/. Theoretically they are B-stock, but many folks (including myself) on the KEF Owners thread have purchased there and the speakers were always pristine.
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I'll cast a third vote for the Kef Q300, for the price they're quite good. I bought mine from the link above, and agree to the quality - not sure why they were b-stock, but then it's not easy to mess up an already ugly speaker wink.gif
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