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HELP with soundbar

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Just received my Panasonic SC-HTB770 and I was trying to get it on last night when i noticed the supplied speaker cables are too short! Spoke with Panasonic live chat and they do not have any cables that are longer. So what should I do? can I buy speaker wire locally and use some butt connectors to make them longer? Any suggestions? Does anyone know what gauge the wires are? Please help me, it would be a shame for not to be able to install this
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Have you been able to set up the B770? I am very interested in this Soundbar. I can't seem to find very many reviews on it, so I was curious how you liked it and what type of room you use it in.
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There is a thread here for that soundbar and a couple owners have provided reviews/first impressions.

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I used a choc block and just attached the supplied cables to one end an 14 gauge speaker wire to the other. Then I mounted the bloc in my AV closet. The 14 gauge barely fit the speaker bar terminals. 14 gauge was overkill, but it is what I use for most speaker connections so I had it.

The ends can be taken apart and you could replace the pins for a solid run, but I do not know what gauge pins they use so I went my route.
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