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LG 47CS570 random lag issue?

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Hello good folks, I've recently stepped into the world of home cinema by buying an LG 47CS570 for 500$ from Dell. Reading from reviews around the net I saw little else but praise about this model, it does 4:4:4 and it was the amount of money I was ready to spend on this. So anyway.

I'm really picky about video fluidity - my job in real life is to write a video player so I have a trained eye - and this TV is really bugging me. Every now and then, at random intervals, it seems that the buffering chokes for a second or so, during which perhaps 1/2 frames is played, irregularly. It feels like when you're playing a 60fps game with VSync on and every now and then your rendering drops to 30fps because it can't quite keep up, but with additional lag in it.

I've carefully read the official LG CS560/570 thread here and a recurring complaint was judder in 24p scenes. I am not seeing this in general - when the TV is playing frames normally, motion is smooth as butter. It's just that every now and then it chokes. I see this on 1080 60fps games and 24fps movies from my HTPC on a DVI->HDMI connection, I see this on cable TV, it doesn't seem to matter, so it's not IMO a matter of pulldown.

Has anyone experienced this? I really don't feel like returning the TV as it's a hassle and potentially huge shipping charges - it also means no TV for a while, but I'm hoping it's perhaps a configuration issue. As I said the PC is on a DVI to HDMI connection, I've identified the device as a PC on the TV which apparently disables TruMotion and all the picture enhancements.

I know the problem description is a bit vague and I'll experiment more in the coming days to see exactly under which conditions this is happening. Sometimes I'm not seeing this - for instance playing an SNES emulator at 640x480 fullscreen.

For what it's worth, the PC is an AMD A10 5700 on an MSI FM2-A75-something micro-ATX motherboard with 2x4GB DDR3 1866 RAM and a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro series SSD.

On a side note, it's possible video settings and/or codecs on the PC are responsible for this.
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So I did my research... Turns out the TV is perfectly fine. For 24fps movies, a combination of switching to 23hz in the Catalyst Driver and using Media Player Classic - Home Cinema instead of VLC/Windows Media Player made things play very fluidly. All camera panning is smooth as butter. There's perhaps a dropped frame here and then, I haven't investigated that far, but so far so good.

This TV disables all image enhancements at 1080p 60hz from a PC, but not at 23-24hz, so it's possible to turn on TruMotion and all that stuff for movie playback from a PC. I thought TruMotion would be a stupid gimmick but after giving it an honest shot I must say it generally does a terrific job, if slightly inconsistent.

Lag in games was probably due to, well, lag on the GPU which isn't the most powerful on earth. Adjusting performance settings in Catalyst seem to have helped with that. As for lag in Cable TV that was probably my mind playing tricks on me.

So anyway, I really don't get what the fuss was about judder on this TV; with the correct settings from an HTPC, it plays 24fps just beautifully.
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